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Applications to serve as a 2019-2020 LDC were due Nov. 1, 2018. The November KD Connect included the wrong date in error. Please accept our apologies. 

Consultants build confidence and leadership skills.

Since the first consultant hit the road in 1962, Kappa Delta’s traveling consultants have strengthened chapters and helped members build their leadership skills, while developing their own professional skills in the process.

Leadership development consultants are recent college graduates who are able to gain valuable career skills by visiting Kappa Delta chapters throughout the United States. Assignments can vary depending upon the needs of our chapters and our extension schedule. Depending on the assignment, LDCs assist with leadership development of members, chapter recruitment and new chapter establishment. An intensive training session is held in June. Travel begins in early August and ends April 30.

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How will being a LDC benefit my career and my future?

After their year of travel, former Kappa Delta LDCs have commented that their time on the road was the best learning experience of their lives. At the end of the experience, a LDC has outpaced most of her peers, become an experienced business traveler, public speaker and presenter, and gained an enhanced professional presence. She also will have developed fundamental skills for reporting, writing, taking direction, working as a team member, problem-solving and public speaking.

LDC Career

How are LDCs selected?

Each year the LDCs are selected from a field of qualified applicants. In reviewing applications, Kappa Delta looks for well-rounded individuals with chapter office (especially council) experience, campus involvement, a solid academic record, and good leadership and communication skills. A group of applicants will be chosen for personal interviews in February of each year. Final decisions are made shortly thereafter. The number of LDCs hired each year varies based on the needs of the sorority.

If you have further questions regarding the position, please contact Kirstin Barry, director of extension and consultants.

Do you work with a phenomenal Kappa Delta leader that we should contact about traveling to be a LDC? Please complete the LDC Referral Form. Note: you can refer any Kappa Delta collegian no matter her year in school.

Applications to serve as a 2019-2020 LDC are due Nov. 1, 2018.

A complete application packet includes the submission of the 2019-2020 LDC Application Form with a photo and the submission of two letters of recommendation, one from a campus contact and another from a KD advisor. Letters of recommendation are submitted through the LDC application by those providing the recommendations. A complete application packet should be submitted no later than Nov. 1, 2018.

The 2019-2020 LDC Application Form should be completed here.

Applicants should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Kappa Delta Leadership Positions
  • Campus and Community Activities
  • Field of Study
  • GPA
  • Headshot Photo

Applicants should also be prepared to answer the following questions in 250 words or less:

  • If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
  • If your friends could describe you in three words, what would they be?
  • What personal characteristics and skills will you bring to the LDC program? How will that impact our chapters?
  • Key aspects of the job include detailed, well-written reports; presentations in front of groups as large as 350 people; and meetings with university officials, CAB members and chapter leaders. What experiences have you had to prepare you for these duties?
  • As a LDC, you will often be asked about your job. How would you describe KD and the consultant role to a stranger unfamiliar with sororities?
  • On some campuses, members have many competing priorities. What strategies would you employ when working with a chapter to show that Kappa Delta is worth the commitment?
  • Tell us about a time when you have had to make an unpopular decision for an ethical reason.
  • Being a LDC is a rewarding but challenging job. LDCs endure a busy schedule, constant travel and being away from home, while working on campuses different than their own. What aspects of the job will be most challenging for you and how will you overcome them?
  • Ritual is the basis of membership in Kappa Delta, and members are called to live our values. In what ways do you live Kappa Delta’s Ritual?
  • Each year, we receive applications from the best student leaders across the country. Why should you be chosen to serve as a leadership development consultant out of such a qualified applicant pool?

Questions can be directed to:
Kirstin Barry
Director of Extension & Consultants

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