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5 Reasons I Love Being an LDC—and you will, too!

By: Juliet Moorman

Juliet Moorman (Gamma Kappa-Louisiana/Lafayette) is a first-year Leadership Development Consultant.

Kappa Delta Sorority offers an incredible opportunity for recent graduates, one that combines genuine passion, personal growth and professional success: the role of a Leadership Development Consultant (LDC). Being an LDC is a profoundly impactful experience, but before you set out on this journey, let me tell you why I love my job.

  1. Getting the opportunity to nurture leadership in women

Being an LDC isn’t your typical career choice. It’s an opportunity to invest in your passion for nurturing the growth and development of women. Some of my favorite moments in this role so far have been sitting in chapter rooms across the country having conversations with members about their own goals and aspirations, not only in KD but in their personal lives as well. As an LDC, you’ll discover that leadership isn’t just about guiding others but fostering their potential to make a positive impact on the world. In this role, you actively empower women and pave the way for a brighter future  — yes, within Kappa Delta and also for women’s leadership on a broader scale.

  1. Learning to embrace new challenges

The very essence of this role is rooted in the ability to navigate uncharted waters and embrace the unexpected with open arms. Every day, this position builds my capacity and confidence to take on great responsibility. Whether it’s mediating conflict, addressing sensitive concerns or managing multiple projects at once, an LDC aims to handle these interactions with kindness and good judgment. This role helps you develop exceptional communication and conflict resolution skills — invaluable in any career path.

You’ll also discover your resilience, resourcefulness and the strength (and sometimes, creativity) to overcome obstacles. I’ve learned that embracing challenges is not just a requirement of the role; it’s an invitation to lifelong learning and personal growth. It is a chance to develop the skills and mindset that will make you a resilient and adaptable leader. This position has taught me to listen sincerely, respond thoughtfully and lead gracefully.

  1. It’s a launchpad to professional success

Becoming a Leadership Development Consultant isn’t just about the present. It’s a significant step toward your successful professional future. The role offers unique experiences and helps you build a valuable skill set that acts as a launchpad for career growth and personal development. The challenges you’ll face as an LDC will equip you with a versatile skill set that’s highly transferable, opening doors to various career paths.

I’ve met previous LDCs who are now CEOs, executive directors and accomplished professionals in all walks of life – from medicine to marketing. To me, these women are some of the most inspiring and brilliant women in the country. Many of our distinguished Kappa Delta leaders once embarked on their journey as LDCs. Notably, our very own National President Susan Stockton started her impactful legacy as an LDC. Their stories illuminate the incredible potential for growth and success within this position.

This next-level networking platform opens doors to connect with extraordinary women, influential leaders and committed professionals.

  1. Being surrounded by inspiring women

As an LDC, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and mentor inspiring women. Through this profoundly rewarding experience, you’ll witness individuals transform into confident leaders. This work serves as a constant reminder of the importance of Kappa Delta’s mission.

The women I work alongside are a constant source of inspiration and motivation, making the transition into post-grad life feel a little less daunting. The relationships I have built with my fellow LDCs will last well beyond our time serving Kappa Delta together. The LDCs are not only my talented coworkers, but sisters that I can lean on in any situation. These professional connections and shared experiences can open doors to a multitude of exciting opportunities and lifelong friends.

  1. Gaining appreciation for our diverse sisterhood

LDCs have a unique opportunity to explore Kappa Delta beyond our own collegiate membership experience. While my Ragin’ Cajun at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette sisters will always be my home, the sisters I have met across the country have ignited an appreciation for our vast and diverse sisterhood. The LDC experience has shown me how Kappa Deltas with unique backgrounds, experiences, interests and goals are truly unified by the guiding values of our sisterhood. Our sisterhood is the steady foundation that empowers them to go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Apply Today!

The work of a Leadership Development Consultant isn’t just a job, but a journey filled with purpose, challenge and incredible opportunities for growth and impact. If you have the passion and drive to be a catalyst for change, then the path of an LDC may be the perfect fit for you.

If you are interested in becoming a LDC, there is still time to apply. Applications are due Dec. 1. Apply here.

Interested in learning more? Kappa Delta is hosting a virtual interest session about what it’s like to be a Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultant and how to apply. Join us on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. CT. to discover how you can make a difference through this role! Save your spot here.