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Kappa Delta National Headquarters

Looking for more Kappa Delta information? Our staff is here to help! Use the information below or submit a contact form to inquire about the sorority, foundation, housing, merchandise or more.

Phone: 901.748.1897

Fax: 901.328.5554

Email: kappadelta@kappadelta.orgcreate new email

Address: 3205 Players Lane
Memphis, TN 38125

Hazing Hotline: 1.888.NOT.HAZE (1.888.668.4293)

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You can submit an Inquiry Form to Kappa Delta Sorority here and we’ll forward it along to the team or staff member that can best help you!

A Note to Family and Friends:

Membership in Kappa Delta Sorority is between the individual member and the organization. While Kappa Delta values the involvement of our members’ friends and family, we support our collegiate and alumnae members’ right to privacy.

To maintain the privacy of our members, Kappa Delta will not provide details to family or friends on matters involving membership status, discipline and certain financial issues. A member may choose not to share all information regarding her sorority membership with her parents, guardians, family or friends, and we respect her choice and privacy. Kappa Delta Sorority provides experiences that build confidence in women and inspire them to action, which includes allowing each member to own her membership experience.

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