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Confident Conversations

Empowering our sisterhood

Brought to you by the Kappa Delta Foundation

Confident Conversations was a three-part, all-member virtual event designed to give all Kappa Delta members tangible ways to bring sisters, friends and family together to discuss issues.

In the all-new educational speaker series, Kappa Delta is working to help empower our sisters to impact their communities. Confident Conversations will focus on building brave relationships, engaging in civil dialogue, and developing skills that empower us to make an impact in our communities.

See our Past Speakers

Check out the incredible speakers who joined our Confident Conversations series brought to you by the Kappa Delta Foundation.


Dr. Tania Israel

Bridging the Political Divide: Optimism for Moving Beyond Polarization.

Political polarization in the U.S. is at a record high. As anger, fear, distortions, and social media drive the wedge ever deeper, what hope is there for maintaining connection within families, friendships, workplaces, and communities? Dr. Israel can offer solutions. Grounded in evidence, experience, and skills, she shared practical and research-based strategies to help bridge the political divide.


Lindsay Boccardo

Lindsay Boccardo joined us to speak about brave relationships and how you can invite people into your life who challenge you, love you fiercely and keep you focused on what matters. Together, we talked about the people we all need around us if we are going to lead a purposeful life and walked away with an understanding of the four skills you need to build strong, lasting friendships.


Sharon McMahon

America’s Government Teacher and Host of Government for Grownups, Sharon McMahon will focused on how listening to understand doesn’t obligate you to agree; harnessing the power of listening to people we disagree with, and how it can help bridge divides, and then how we can use this power to take effective action in local communities.