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Our Brand

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s the total experience you have when you interact with an organization, company or product. Every touchpoint — from our core values to emblems and colors to our communications and even the actions of our chapters and sisters — reflects who we are.  

Kappa Delta has been evolving for 125 years. And the way we communicate our identity and values will continue to evolve too. Of course, we’ll always bleed green and white. We’ll always wear the diamond badge, and we’ll always strive to be honorable, beautiful and highest.  But our visual brand, how we position ourselves and how we communicate must continue to evolve.  

In October 2022, we launched a refreshed brand that is authentic, empowering and passionate. We drew inspiration from our longtime symbol, the nautilus shell, which stands for growth, expansion, and renewal. It can represent one’s individual growth – exactly how Kappa Delta encourages its members to grow in their personal journey towards confidence as they come together to form a powerful community of supportive women. 

Our logo and graphics are composed using minimal lines and arching swirls that do not fully connect to give each asset energy, as if it is actively being drawn. This idea of being “not yet finished” ties into the Kappa Delta woman’s continual pursuit of learning and desire to grow and evolve throughout her life. The Kappa Delta woman is actively building the future for herself and for her community. 

Colors define a mood and give a sense of character to a brand. Olive green and pearl white help us stay true to our history and connect our community across generations. Warm tones were added to indicate inner strength and confidence. They represent our power and passion as strong Kappa Delta women who take action in our communities.   

Our typography also reflects a multi-generation membership using a serif typeface that reflects professionalism and the style of the 1970s and 1980s. Paired with a sans-serif geometric typeface that is modern and easy to read, the two make a perfect combination of form and function, relevant for women of today and the future. We chose a whimsical script to add an elegant — and fun — element. When used together, these typefaces create a visually stimulating, memorable experience.  

The use of textures such as speckled, seeded and felt paper bring dimension and warmth to our collateral. Hand-drawn icons of our symbols use thin lines in a loose, organic style while graphic elements such as stamps, badges and patterns bring energy to our communications.  

Download the Kappa Delta Brand Guide to stay on-brand in your chapter communications. Brand assets can be downloaded from the opens in a new windowResource Library.