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Get to know the 2024-2025 Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultants

We are excited to announce the 2024-2025 Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultants and want to introduce you to the team!  

Leadership Development Consultants (LDCs) are recent graduates who provide education, guidance and support to Kappa Delta collegians, serving as mentors and role models for our chapters. Some LDCs are traveling consultants, visiting and supporting different chapters in specific divisions. Others are in-residence consultants, supporting one chapter throughout the year.  

Since the first consultant hit the road in 1962, LDCs have strengthened chapters and helped members build their confidence while developing their own skills in the process.  This fall, these 15 women will pack their bags and hit the road to support our Kappa Delta collegiate chapters.  

We can’t wait to see all that our incoming consultants accomplish!  

Senior LDCs 

Four LDCs from the 2023-2024 class are returning as senior consultants this year. You might have met them during their travels, but let’s get reacquainted with them! 

Alyssa Paskie (Epsilon Rho-Rochester) 

Alyssa will support divisions 7 and 8: Alpha Psi-Drury, Delta Chi-LeGrange, Delta Mu-Newberry, Epsilon Alpha-Missouri S&T, Epsilon Psi-Francis Marion, Eta Rho-Wilmington, Gamma Xi-Kentucky Wesleyan, Zeta Beta-Union, Alpha Nu-Wittenberg, Alpha Omicron-Queens, Alpha Phi-Westminster, Beta Lambda- Georgetown, Beta Upsilon-Susquehanna, Gamma Tau-Ripon, Omicron-Illinois Wesleyan, Sigma Pi-Albion, Upsilon-Beloit and Zeta Psi-Valparaiso. 

Alyssa is from Buffalo, New York, and she received her degree in public health. While in her collegiate chapter, Alyssa held a variety of leadership roles such as VP-inclusion, Panhellenic delegate, director of social events, continuous open bidding (COB) chair, accountability & support board member and sisterhood enrichment team leader. She was also involved in Panhellenic as the head recruitment counselor, VP of publicity and VP of recruitment. Alyssa was also a Girl Scout.

Fun Facts: 

Alyssa was a dancer for 12 years — from 1st grade to her senior year of high school!

What are you most looking forward to as a second-year LDC? 

“I’m looking forward to continuing to build relationships with chapters across the country and empowering them to reach their full potential. I love getting to build the confidence of Kappa Delta women and hear about the inspiring things each chapter is doing. This past year has been so fulfilling getting to work with Divisions 7 & 8, and I can’t wait to continue to help chapters achieve their goals!” 

Bella Cutruzzula (Nu-Oklahoma State) 

Bella will support divisions 1 and 9: Alpha Chi-Louisiana Tech, Beta Kappa-Tennessee/Chattanooga, Delta Delta-Troy, Delta Iota-Murray State, Delta Pi-Middle Tennessee State, Delta Sigma-South Alabama, Delta Upsilon-Tennessee Tech, Eta Tau-Florida Gulf Coast, Eta Zeta-North Florida, Gamma Kappa-Louisiana/Lafayette, Alpha Epsilon-Tennessee, Alpha Mu-Mississippi, Beta Pi-Florida, Beta Zeta-South Carolina, Delta Omega-Mississippi State, Epsilon-Louisiana State, Kappa Alpha-Florida State, Sigma Lambda-Auburn, Sigma Phi-Georgie, Zeta-Alabama and Zeta Gamma-Arkansas. 

Bella lives in Oklahoma City and has a degree in nutritional sciences. She served her KD chapter as president, VP-membership and a sisterhood enrichment team (SET) leader. Bella loves to work out, play pickleball and go on walks. Both of Bella’s sisters are also Kappa Deltas! Bella is currently pursuing her MBA while working as an LDC.  

Favorite KD memory: 

“Getting to attend my first Kappa Delta convention as an LDC and see my chapter win the Council Award!” 

What are you most looking forward to as a second-year LDC? 

I am most looking forward to continuing building relationships with our collegiate chapter leaders and watching all their success this next year!” 

Jill Bounds (Xi-Pittsburgh) 

Jill is from Rochester, New York, and currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received degrees in neuroscience, psychology and natural sciences. This year, Jill will be focusing on special projects, including the re-organization of Zeta Theta-New Jersey, and recruitment at our two newest chapters, Delta Theta-Samford and Gamma Zeta-Texas Christian. 

While in her chapter, Jill served as president, VP-events and programing, VP-community service, risk management team member and on the sexual assault prevention committee. She was also a Girl Scout! Jill will be joining a physician assistant academic program in the spring of 2025.  

Fun Fact: 

Jill is trained in phlebotomy, IVs and CPR/AED for her other job as a specialist patient care technician!

What are you most looking forward to as a second-year LDC? 

“I am looking forward to continuing to build relationships and empowering our collegiate women to take action and grow as leaders!” 

Mary Claire Witwer (Zeta Epsilon-Kansas) 

Mary Claire received her degree in applied behavioral science with a minor in psychology from the University of Kansas.  She will be supporting Sigma Gamma-Kansas State, Zeta Epsilon-Kansas and Epsilon Iota-Missouri, as well as chapters in division 19: Epsilon Gamma-North Georgia and Theta Beta-Washington/St. Louis. 

She is from Overland Park, Kansas, and currently lives in Kansas City. In her chapter, Mary Claire served as president, secretary, SET leader, and Bid Day committee member. She was a Girl Scout, Kappa Delta Foundation scholarship recipient, and a member of Order of Omega and Phi Beta Kappa Honor Societies.  

Favorite KD memory:  

“Living in the house with all my best friends for three years!” 

What are you most looking forward to as a second-year LDC? 

I am most looking forward to continuing to build new relationships and promoting growth and success in our collegians!” 

First-Year LDCs 

Audrey Smith (Alpha Chi-Louisiana Tech) 

Audrey is from Bossier City, Louisiana, and has a degree in accounting for Louisiana Tech University. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, as an in-residence consultant, supporting our Delta Theta Chapter at Samford University.  

Throughout her KD experience, Audrey served as chapter president and vice president. Outside of KD, Audrey was the student advancement team secretary and a college of business ambassador. Growing up, Audrey was a Girl Scout! She hopes to one day be a CPA at an accounting firm. Audrey is a recipient of the Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award.  

Favorite KD memory: 

“Bid Day when my actual little sister became my KD sister!” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“You’ll get out what you put in! So put it ALL IN!” 

Elizabeth Ring (Gamma Gamma-High Point) 

Elizabeth will support divisions 17 and 18: Alpha Iota-California/Los Angeles, Alpha Kappa-Oregon State, Alpha Lambda-Oregon, Beta Psi-Arizona State, Beta Rho-San Diego State, Phi Epsilon-Colorado State, Sigma Iota-Washington, Sigma Tau-Washington State, Beta Delta-Utah State, Gamma Iota-San Jose State, Epsilon Upsilon-Cal Poly/Pomona, Theta Kappa-Northern Arizona, Zeta Chi-Idaho, Zeta Rho-San Diego, and Zeta Zeta-Cal State/San Bernardino.

Elizabeth has a psychology degree from High Point University. Throughout her KD experience, Elizabeth served as VP-inclusion, DEI committee member, was a SET leader and assistant to VP-operations. Both sets of her grandparents are immigrants, and she feels lucky to have grown up in a house with blended cultures and traditions.  

Elizabeth is from San Francisco, California, and was a Brownie in Girl Scouts.  

Future career goals:  

Elizabeth hopes to attend graduate school to receive her counseling license.  

Advice she would give to college freshman self: 

“Keep going because even through the worst, you’ll become a stronger person in ways you can’t even imagine. Also, lean on your friends and KD sisters more! You don’t have to go through life alone.”    

Emily Klingenberg (Beta Pi-Florida) 

Emily is from Altamonte Springs, Florida, and will be moving to Texas to support our Gamma Zeta Chapter at Texas Christian University as an in-residence consultant. Emily has her degree in public relations from the University of Florida. 

In her chapter, Emily served as VP-learning and development. On campus, she served as a Panhellenic sister support ambassador, tour guide, recruitment counselor, orientation leader, College of Journalism ambassador and news reporter, and was the University of Florida mascot! Emily was also a Girl Scout.  

Fun Fact: 

Emily has an identical twin!  

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“You are capable of doing hard things.” 

Emma Alverson (Epsilon Epsilon-Appalachian State) 

Emma is from Hillsborough, North Carolina, and earned her degree in exercise science with a minor in Spanish. She’ll be spending the next academic year in-residence at Texas Christian University supporting our Gamma Zeta Chapter.  

During Emma’s time in her chapter, she served as president, VP-recruitment and marketing, a SET leader and a Bid Day committee member. Last summer, she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, just before attending National Convention! Emma was a Girl Scout.  

Future career goals: 

Emma hopes to attend graduate school to be an athletic trainer.   

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Don’t feel so defined by what might not go your way, you have so much growth to experience.” 

Felicia Zangri (Alpha Epsilon-Tennessee/Knoxville) 

Felicia is from Long Island, New York, and has a degree in political science from the University of Tennessee. This year, she will be supporting divisions 6 and 14: Eta Iota-Pace, Eta Kappa-Northeastern, Eta Phi-Boston, Eta Psi-North Carolina/Charlotte, Theta Rho-George Mason, Theta Upsilon-Loyola/Chicago, Omega Xi-Cincinnati, Xi-Pittsburg, Zeta Iota-St. Louis, Zeta Sigma-Charleston, Eta Lambda-Franklin & Marshall, Gamma Epsilon-Florida Southern, Gamma Gamma-High Point, Theta Alpha-Quinnipiac, Theta Lambda-Marquette, Theta Zeta-Lehigh, Zeta Theta-New Jersey and Zeta Xi-Rollins. 

Felicia served her chapter as president and VP-inclusion. On campus, Felicia was KAPi pre-law fraternity fundraising chair, UTK all-girl cheerleading vice president and a member of Order of Omega. She enjoys listening to podcasts, reading and journaling, and she was a Girl Scout. 

Why KD moment:  

“When going through (Zoom) recruitment, I was looking for a place where I could be my full self unapologetically. Kappa Delta was the place where I felt that I could take a deep breath and relax, even over a Zoom screen. I connected with the women, they expressed that they could see something special in me which gave me the confidence I was looking for. Coming from out of state, I knew nobody, but Kappa Delta felt like home and has continued to for the last four years. I choose KD every day over again by living the values and reaching for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Never be afraid to be yourself in front of anyone.” 

Hallie Koele (Epsilon Pi-Virginia Tech) 

Hallie is from Woodbine, Maryland, and has degrees in marketing and management from Virginia Tech. She will be supporting divisions 4 and 5: Alpha-Longwood, Beta Mu-Bowling Green State, Beta Nu-Toledo, Delta Beta-Eastern Illinois, Delta Omicron-Eastern Kentucky, Delta Psi-West Georgia, Delta Tau-Morehead State, Gamma Delta-East Tennessee State, Gamma Mu-Valdosta State, Theta Eta-Old Dominion, Eta Beta-Bradley, Eta Delta-Wright State, Eta Nu-Sacred Heart, Eta Omega-Kennesaw State, Eta Sigma-Arkansas/Little Rock, Gamma Omicron-Wayne State, Sigma Psi-North Dakota State, Theta Epsilon-West Florida, Theta Iota-North Dakota and Zeta Omega-Memphis. 

Hallie served her chapter as Panhellenic delegate, Bid Day committee member and big/little sister committee member. She was also social chair for the club tennis team on campus. In her downtime, Hallie loves to play tennis, teach and take indoor cycling classes and watch movies. Hallie was also a Girl Scout.   

Fun fact: 

Hallie was born in Texas, then lived in Kansas for eight years and now her family lives in Maryland!  

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

Don’t take the small things so seriously because tomorrow or in a week it won’t matter as much, and never be afraid to be yourself in front of anyone. 

Katie Hassell (Eta Nu-Sacred Heart) 

Katie is from Long Island, New York, and has a degree in sociology with a minor in human resource management from Sacred Heart. This year, she will be supporting divisions 11 and 12: Alpha Alpha-Michigan State, Alpha Sigma-New Hampshire, Nu-Oklahoma State, Pi-Nebraska, Sigma Sigma-Iowa State, Theta Theta-Rhode Island, Theta Xi-North Carolina/Wilmington, Theta Omicron-Westchester, Alpha Rho-Maryland, Beta Theta-Penn State, Gamma Nu-Miami, Sigma Kappa-Ohio State, Sigma Omicron-Illinois, Sigma Upsilon-Indiana, Sigma Zeta-Michigan and Theta Nu-Purdue. 

While in her KD chapter, Katie served in a variety of roles including president, vice president, accountability and support board member, SET leader, sergeant at arms and ritual chair. Katie enjoys reading and working out.  

Fun fact: 

Katie knows American Sign Language, and she earned her bilingual certification in high school.  

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“It all works out!”  

Kennedy Carter (Epsilon-Louisiana State) 

Kennedy is from Shreveport, Louisiana, and earned her degree in public relations from Louisiana State University. She’ll be spending the next academic year in-residence at Samford University supporting our Delta Theta Chapter.  

While in her chapter, Kennedy served as vice president, accountability and support board member, and media team member. Outside of the chapter, Kennedy served as Panhellenic council president, was on the student government executive staff and on student philanthropy council. KD awarded Kennedy with our Outstanding Panhellenic Leadership Award at the 2023 Convention, and she was also a Girl Scout.    

Favorite KD memory: 

“This past recruitment season, when I was able to run back home to Kappa Delta with over 100 of my new sisters after spending the summer and recruitment process disaffiliated from the chapter has been one of my favorite moments.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“I would tell my freshman self to have a ‘W.I.N.’ aspect in college. We often get so caught up in the future that this ‘what’s important now’ mindset will help to stay on a path of growth, dedication and learning opportunities, which are so important.” 

Olivia Wehrman (Delta Omega-Mississippi State) 

Olivia is originally from Mandeville, Louisiana, and has a degree in biochemistry. Her goal is to go to medical school and be a physician. She will be supporting divisions 15 and 16: Alpha Theta-Vermont, Epsilon Rho-Rochester, Eta Chi-Elon, Eta Epsilon-Sewanee, Eta Xi-Dartmouth, Theta Gamma-Brown, Theta Tau-Bentley, Zeta Omicron-Wake Forest, Alpha Pi-William & Mary, Beta Alpha-Virginia, Beta Tau-Vanderbilt, Eta Theta-Villanova, Lambda-Northwestern, Omega Chi-Cornell and Sigma Mu-George Washington.

In her KD chapter, Olivia served as VP-inclusion, DEI committee member and alumnae relations chair. She also served Panhellenic as a recruitment counselor. When she was younger, Olivia was part of a Girl Scout Brownie troop with her twin sister. Olivia is also a Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award recipient.  

Fun Facts: 

Olivia loves to run and has completed a couple of half marathons!  

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Seek life giving friends!” 

Patty O’Leary (Eta Tau-Florida Gulf Coast) 

Patty is from St. Louis, Missouri, and recently graduated with degrees in political science and communication with a minor in interdisciplinary studies. She will be supporting divisions 2 and 13: Delta Phi-Georgia Southwestern, Delta Zeta-Louisiana/Monroe, Epsilon Lambda-Alabama/Huntsville, Epsilon Zeta-North Carolina/Pembroke, Gamma Chi-Lenoir-Rhyne, Gamma Psi-Delta State, Zeta Nu-Lynchburg, Alpha Delta-Rhodes, Beta Epsilon-Tulsa, Epsilon Sigma-Wofford, Mu-Millsaps, Theta Delta-Dayton, Theta Mu-Richmond, Theta Pi-Alabama/Birmingham, Zeta Pi-Furman and Iota-Centre. 

While in college, Patty served her KD chapter as VP-finance, SET leader, accountability and support board member, and slate committee member. Outside of her chapter, she served on Panhellenic as VP of internal affairs, VP of communication, and as a recruitment counselor. Patty also served her campus as a student government senator.  

Fun fact: 

Patty is a first-generation college student with four siblings!  

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“I would tell myself to have fun! Not everything needs to be so serious. It is important to cut yourself some slack and really enjoy each moment you are lucky enough to experience.” 

Victoria Funes (Epsilon-Louisiana State) 

Victoria was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has a degree in management with a concentration in strategic leadership from Louisiana State University. She will be supporting divisions 3 and 10: Alpha Xi-Louisville, Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi, Delta Eta-South Florida, Delta Gamma-Western Kentucky, Delta Lambda-Georgia Southern, Epsilon Epsilon-Appalachian State, Eta Eta-North Kentucky, Eta Mu-Georgia College & State, Gamma Sigma-East Carolina, Zeta Kappa-Ball State, Zeta Mu-Towson, Beta Chi-North Carolina/Chapel Hill, Epsilon Omega-Kentucky, Epsilon Omicron-Central Florida, Epsilon Pi-Virginia Tech, Epsilon Tau-Clemson, Eta Alpha-Texas A&M, Eta Upsilon-North Caroline State, Gamma Beta-North Texas, Sigma Epsilon-Texas/Austin and Zeta Alpha-Texas Tech.   

In her KD chapter, Victoria served in a variety of roles including president, VP-learning and development, recruitment team member, legacy chair and Girl Scout committee member.  

Favorite KD memory: 

“If I had to choose one, it would be 2023 spirit week and recruitment. It was the best two weeks to start my senior year. Morale and energy were high, and you could feel the love and confidence we had throughout the house!” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Take every opportunity that comes your way and be intentional in forming relationships with others. Also, live in the present. Life is too short to spend the majority of your time worrying about the future. Make sure to call or hug your loved ones!”