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Q&A with former Kappa Delta LDCs

The Kappa Delta leadership development consultant program is an extraordinary opportunity for recent KD grads looking to kickstart their career, grow as a leader and travel the country! Since the first consultant hit the road in 1962, LDCs have strengthened chapters and helped members build their confidence, while developing their own skills in the process.

Over the past 60 years, hundreds of Kappa Delta sisters have participated in the program and now have incredible careers in medicine, law, marketing, business, government and much more.

This year’s LDC class has collectively traveled to 30 states, participated in comprehensive professional development training, and each has supported an average of 20 collegiate chapters.

The LDC program is the perfect job right out of your collegiate years and can set you up for a great career in the future.

We spoke with several former LDCs about their time as consultants, where they are today and how their experience helped them get there.


Liz Cordes (Zeta Gamma-Arkansas)

Liz Cordes traveled as a LDC from 2014-2015. She now works as director of customer success and account management at a SaaS start-up.

Kappa Delta Headquarters: How did your experience as a Leadership Development Consultant help you get where you are today?

Liz Cordes: Being a Kappa Delta leadership development consultant was the jumping-off point for the rest of my life. I established invaluable skills in networking, communication, problem-solving and adaptability that I have used in every job, volunteer opportunity and graduate program since my time as a consultant.

KDHQ: What skills did you develop in the position that translate to your current role?

LC: My experience prepared me to be confident, adaptable and prepared for any situation (and I mean any!). My year as a consultant taught me how to be confident and composed when presenting and speaking with customers, especially at the corporate executive level. Because I worked with many chapters, the LDC program taught me how to handle multiple high-priority projects with competing deadlines. It also taught me how to adapt to any situation, which helps me immensely in the tech space. You must be able to pivot quickly to meet customer needs or address challenges in the software with your development team.

KDHQ: When you were looking for jobs following your year as a LDC, did you feel prepared to enter your chosen field?

LC: I knew I wanted to go to grad school immediately, and I felt extremely prepared to advocate for myself as a student and as an employee of the university. My job immediately following graduate school was in event planning, sales and marketing, and I felt the role was almost an extension of the LDC program. It was a perfect fit!

KDHQ: What would you say to anyone that is on the fence about applying for the position?

LC: There is not a better role, program, internship or job that teaches and sharpens your professional skill set in such a short period of time than the Kappa Delta consultant program. I learned more in one year than I did in three years at another job. The network of friends and professional connections you gain immediately from the position will launch you into your chosen career path – it’s incredible! I highly recommend applying for the position!

Lacey Edwards (Gamma Delta – East Tennessee State)

Lacey Edwards served as a LDC from 2010-2011. She now works as the senior marketing manager for a real estate firm that builds master planned communities and build-to-rent communities.

KDHQ: How did your experience as a Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultant help you get where you are today?

Lacey Edwards: My time as a LDC instilled a lot of confidence in me. It taught me the importance of being able to work with a lot of different personalities and to problem solve on the spot. I’ve taken my experience and have applied it to every role I’ve had, whether it be in event planning, business management or marketing. I’ve been able to continuously build upon that experience and turn it into a successful career.

KDHQ: What skills did you develop in the position that translate to your current role?

LE: So many! I take on any task asked of me whether it’s outlined in my job description or not. I take time to build relationships with my co-workers, business partners and vendors. If there isn’t a standardized process or training on how to do something, I figure it out by trial and error or by teaching myself. These skills have helped me advance at every company I’ve worked at because I’m willing to roll my sleeves up and do the work with care and passion.

KDHQ: When you were looking for jobs following your year as a LDC, did you feel prepared to enter your chosen field?

LE: I did! I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do right after being a LDC. I got a job as a leasing consultant. And while I had no former experience in that industry, I was prepared for interviews and job training. I felt confident to tackle anything because my time as a LDC taught me self-discipline, confidence and the importance of flexibility and accepting of new challenges.

KDHQ: What would you say to anyone on the fence about applying for the position?

LE: You won’t regret it. Life is about taking chances and saying yes to opportunities that are once in a lifetime. There are so many experiences I wouldn’t have had or people I wouldn’t have met or places I would have never seen without the experience as a LDC.

Your career or graduate school will be waiting for you. It will teach you so much about yourself and you’ll be a stronger woman because of it!

Marissa Nye (Sigma Kappa – Ohio State)

Marissa Nye worked as a Chapter Development Consultant (now called Leadership Development Consultant) from 2006-2007. Following her year traveling, she worked in corporate sales for over a decade before owning her own business, a children’s boutique, for many years. She now works as a REALTOR for Sotheby’s International Realty.

KDHQ: How did your experience as a LDC help you get where you are today?

Marissa Nye: Being a consultant allowed me to develop and enhance many skills of which I used not only in my consultant year but continued to use in business and management: the ability to be flexible, be adaptable, think on my feet, assess issues, develop solutions, provide wide variety of communication mediums, and so much more.

KDHQ: Did the connections you made during your time as a LDC help you in your job search?

MN: I met many alumnae members during my travels that served as great business connections and referrals for years to come.

KDHQ: Was your year as a LDC worth it?

MN: Undoubtedly yes. Being a consultant is not only a huge honor, but a unique opportunity that so few of us are fortunate enough to experience.

KDHQ: What would you say to anyone on the fence about applying for the position?

MN: You will get more out of this position than you ever expected, not to mention the wide network of Kappa Deltas and other professionals this role connects you to throughout your term. Many of the people I met and worked with during my consultant year are still an integral part of my life today (both professionally and personally). Not many people can say the same about their first post-graduate job role.


You helped shape KD both on your campus and at the national level, and your involvement doesn’t have to end after graduation. Your year working as a Kappa Delta leadership development consultant will help you gain transferrable professional skills, real world connections with incredible women, and the opportunity to expand the reach of Kappa Delta to college women all over the country.

If you are interested in becoming a LDC, there is still time to apply. Applications are due Dec. 15. Apply here.