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Top 10 Angelos Stories from 2018


The Angelos, Kappa Delta’s quarterly magazine, featured many inspirational and educational stories this year. So, let’s wrap up 2018 with 10 of our favorite Angelos stories from the digital edition.

2018 Angelos cover magazine design mockups

1. Words of Courage, Fall 2018 Cover Story

Words of Courage: Alexis Cooper, Utah State

“Let me tell you who I am, because my diversity is more than my destiny. People are more than their stereotype and who you truly are is not what you see. So, who am I? I am ME.” From Beta Delta-Utah State, Alexis Cooper shares her experience as a woman of color.

Read Alexis’ story here.

2. From Bismarck to Big Stages, Spring 2018 Cover Story

Cara Mund Miss America 2018 Kappa Delta Alumna North Dakota Brown University

On Sept. 10, 2017, 5.6 million people watched as Cara Mund, Theta Gamma-Brown, walked across a stage and made history. She was crowned Miss America 2018, the first from the state of North Dakota.

Read Cara’s story here.

3. Community Builders, Summer 2018

Community Builders: KD Alumnae founded museums in towns they love

Gamma Psi-Delta State initiate Lucy Richardson Janoush and Epsilon-Louisiana State initiates Cate Curtis Heroman and Staci Deumite Duhé founded museums in the towns they love. They showed that altruistic service isn’t a value to stand behind but a belief that spurs imagination and hard work.

Read more about Lucy, Cate and Staci here.

4. First-Generation American Inspires Action, Winter 2018 Cover Story

First-Generation American Inspires Action: Medical journalist Dr. Mona Khanna

Medical journalist Dr. Mona Khanna, Lambda-Northwestern, gives back through her humanitarian work. Dr. Mona says, “What I like about humanitarian work is it gives me the opportunity to use my particular skillsets.”

Read more about Dr. Mona here.

5. Pushing Limits, Summer 2018 Cover Story

Pushing Limits: Kappa Deltas strive for goals many would believe to be beyond their abilities.

Faced with physical challenges, these Kappa Deltas said no to conventional expectations. They said yes to striving for goals many would believe to be beyond their abilities. Featuring: wheelchair basketball athlete Emily Oberst, Zeta-Alabama initiate and Sigma Omicron-Illinois affiliate; paraequestrian Alanna Flax-Clark, Alpha Delta-Rhodes; rowers Kristen Norberg Chadwell, Alpha Iota-California/Los Angeles, and Denise Bryngelson Alekseev, Gamma Omicron-Wayne State; and powerlifter Penny Newsome, Beta Alpha-Virginia.

Read more about these KDs here.

6. 20 Years and Counting, Spring 2018

20 years and Counting: 20th Anniversary of Girl Scouts and Kappa Delta Partnership

In 2018, KD celebrated 20 years of building women’s and girls’ confidence and character through their partnership with Girl Scouts. While serving as national president when the partnership was establish, Elizabeth Wibker said, “We have an unparalleled opportunity to serve as esample and mentors to girls and young women … ”

Read more about this partnership here.

7. Go Confidently Toward Healthy Eating, Spring 2018

Go Confidently Towards Healthy Eating, Myth-busting advice

Help! It’s raining nutrition advice everywhere we go. With that in mind, Dietician Linda Thoennes Farr, Sigma Sigma-Iowa State, offers her myth-busting advice on healthy eating.

Read more about Linda’s advice here.

8. Meet the Class of 2022, Fall 2018

Meet the Class of 2022 - See what the experts say about Generation Z

Born in 2000, the first babies of the new millennium entered college this fall, and among them are the more than 7,000 women who will soon become KD sisters. See what the experts say about Generation Z.

Read more about Generation Z here.

9. My KD Story: Lifesaving Friendship, Winter 2018

My KD Story: Lifesaving Friendship when a KD sister needs a kidney transplant

AOT means action when a KD sister needs a kidney transplant. They shared college boyfriend drama, AOT and the desire to leave chapter meeting early to catch their favorite TV shows, 90210 and Melrose Place. However, Sigma Lambda-Auburn sisters Susanna Jones Cleveland and Martha Juneman Dazzio never imaged they’d share a kidney.

Read more about this lifesaving friendship here.

10. Today’s Recruitment: Not Your Mother’s Jeans Recruitment, Spring 2018

Today's Recruitment: Not your mother's recruitment

Things have changed in sorority rush recruitment since many of us participated as a rushee potential new member (PNM) and even as a member. For this reason, National Vice President-Membership Karen Thomas Fesmire breaks down what you need to know.

Read more about today’s recruitment here.

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