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Home Away From Home

Across the country, Kappa Delta chapter housing facilities provide a gathering place for sisters year after year. 

In the spring issue of The Angelos, we introduce you to some of Kappa Delta’s new and recently renovated homes. Take a peek at these beautiful spaces, and read more about each project in The Angelos 

Zeta Gamma-Arkansas

Newly constructed four-story, 36,111-square-foot chapter house for Zeta Gamma’s 450 members. Completed fall 2018. 

Sigma Iota-Washington 

Remodel of Sigma Iota’s formal living space, lounge and study rooms. Completed summer 2019.  


Alpha Mu-Mississippi 

Newly constructed four-story, 45,000-square-foot chapter house. Completed spring 2021. 


Epsilon Tau-Clemson 

Renovated kitchen in Epsilon Tau’s chapter suite called the KD Hall. Completed fall 2021.  

Read more about these Kappa Delta chapter housing facilities in the spring issue of The Angelos.