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Kappa Delta: Then & Now


Have you wondered what Kappa Delta was like for sisters who came before you? Or thought about what it’s like for sisters in the chapter today? What has stayed the same? What has changed?

We asked alumna Renee Randol, a 1979 initiate of Sigma Gamma-Kansas State, and collegiate member Julie Graham, a 2015 initiate of Delta Iota-Murray State, about their chapter experiences.

1. What did you do on your first Bid Day?

Julie: On Bid Day, we had a big cookout at a nearby park. We got to eat and get to know each other, and the VP-ME talked to us about forms we had to fill out. We also got a nice Kappa Delta bag with goodies and our Norman Shield inside of it.

Renee: On my first Bid Day, we did a lot of fun activities at the house and met our new sisters. We also got to explore our new town with a scavenger hunt around campus and eventually worked our way back to the chapter house.

2. Favorite fashion trend?

Julie: My favorite fashion trend right now is yoga pants in every kind of pattern. I also love to dress in jeans and big comfy sweaters, and maybe throw on a vest with it, too!

Renee: My favorite fashion trend in the late 70s, early 80s was big hair, preppy clothes, jeans with Candie’s high heel shoes and skinny belts. Hiking boots were popular, too!

3. Easiest way to communicate with sisters?

Julie:  The easiest way for me to communicate with sisters is probably Facebook. I might not have every single sister’s cell phone number, but I know I am friends with all of them on Facebook.

Renee: We didn’t have cell phones, computers or social media to communicate. We had to meet up to make plans. Often we’d leave notes on a bulletin board at the phone duty area or leave a note pinned to a corkboard on the sister’s door or in her room.

4. What major events happened while in college?

Julie: I think the most significant event I’ve experienced while in college so far is the 2016 presidential election.

Renee: When I was in college, MTV was new and Star Wars the movie was popular! President Reagan was shot, Elvis Presley died, John Lennon was killed, and Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kappa Delta is continuously growing and evolving with the ever-changing times. However, the strong bond we share as sisters will always stay the same! Are you interested in sharing memories from your chapter in a similar blog post? Email us herecreate new email.