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Discovering the Confidence to Speak Up


When I transferred to LaGrange College my sophomore year, I was extremely nervous. It felt like my collegiate career was starting over completely. I had already worked to make friends my freshman year at my previous school. Thinking about having to start over and introduce myself to new people, figuring out my way around a new campus and finding where I fit in at my new school was intimidating, to say the least.

As a transfer student, it didn’t occur to me that one way to find friends on my new campus was to participate in sorority recruitment. After moving in the dorms, my roommate mentioned that she would be going through recruitment. Upon hearing this, I decided to give it a try. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life.

When I went through recruitment, I met the members of Kappa Delta, and they were genuine and confident. I knew I wanted to be a part of a sisterhood like that. On Bid Day, I got my wish, and was surrounded by women who would support me and encourage me to be self-confident.

My time in Kappa Delta has certainly built my confidence, especially as a leader. Since high school, I’ve had a fear of public speaking. I dreaded giving presentations and talking in front of large groups of people. When I was appointed as a Sisterhood Enrichment Team leader, I was excited that I would be able to guide and support new members by leading a small group. This position was comfortable for me because I was only speaking in front of a handful of women at one time. However, at the beginning of the fall semester that year, the position of vice president-member education became vacant. Before our chapter could hold a special election to fill the role, we needed to host the first meeting. I decided to step in and lead the meeting so I could be of service. Afterward, a sister approached me and asked me if was interested in applying for VP-ME. Even though I was not sure how I felt about routinely speaking in front of a large group of new members, I decided to apply for the position and was elected to serve.

Even though I was nervous, the SET leaders, my CAB counterpart and many other sisters encouraged me to find the confidence in myself to lead our new-member class. After the first few meetings had passed, I became much more comfortable speaking in front of the large group. I was able to share my love for Kappa Delta and instill confidence in our newest members.

Leading the new-member education program helped me discover my confidence to pursue other leadership opportunities. I am no longer intimidated to lead other groups on my campus and within Kappa Delta. I now serve my chapter as VP-standards.

Being a part of the Kappa Delta sisterhood has given me the confidence to overcome my fears. I know this confidence I now have in myself will carry over into my post-college life and help me build confidence in others.

Katelyn Cannon

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