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The 5 Fears About Sorority Life I Conquered with Confidence

Participating in recruitment and jumping into sorority life can be very exciting — but also sometimes a little intimidating. It’s normal to feel a little afraid of new experiences. Here’s how I learned to conquer my fears with confidence thanks to Kappa Delta.

  1. Recruitment would be a horrible experience.

Coming from a family where none of the women are in a sorority, I didn’t have a point of reference and was terrified to go through recruitment. Standing outside in the blazing sun was not my idea of a fun time during last week of summer before classes started. I was encouraged by my older sister to do it just for the experience. “Even if you hate it,” she said, “you can at least say you did it.”

Obviously, I did not hate it. From the first day, Kappa Delta felt like a home. If I could go back and give my 18-year-old self some advice about recruitment, I would say to her, “It will be all worth it. One day, you will not only be proud to be a ‘sorority girl,’ but also a Kappa Delta woman.”

  1. Freshman year can be really hard.

Even though my freshman year was full of highs and lows, Kappa Delta remained constant. The first two semesters of college were sometimes difficult for me both academically and mentally. There was a lot of times when I was so stressed with schoolwork that I felt too overwhelmed to attend Kappa Delta events. Lucky for me, my big sister and my best friends in my new-member class dragged me out of my bed and held me up during that hard year. I do not know if I would have made it through without them. So while it’s true that your first year away from home can be challenging, your sisters will help you find the confidence to face those hurdles head on.

  1. Taking a semester off would keep me from feeling like part of the chapter.

I chose to take a semester off to participate in the Disney College Program. While I was excited for the opportunity and the change of scenery, I was worried I would come back to campus as an outsider and everyone in my chapter would have forgotten me. There would be a new-member class that I did not yet know. I would miss recruitment and countless sisterhood events. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was welcomed back to my chapter with open arms. I fell right back into place and began participating in philanthropy events, volunteering for leadership positions and spending time with sisters like I’d never missed a day. If you’re interested in taking time away from your campus to study abroad, pursue an internship or experience another exciting opportunity, KD will be there for you every step of the way and when you return.

  1. Sorority activities will leave you with no free time for other interests.

On the contrary! It is because of the confidence I gained through Kappa Delta membership and serving as our VP-operations that I felt empowered to seek out other experiences and ways to get involved on my campus. I work with our KD sisters on student government to bring our campus community together, and I now have connections with other organizations because of my membership in Kappa Delta.

  1. Membership isn’t really worth all the effort.

I am not sure what my college experience would look like if I had let fear dictate my decisions. One thing is for sure: college would not be the same without Kappa Delta. KD gave me my best friends, the greatest mentors, incredible experiences and so much more. It would be misleading if I said life as a college student is always easy. There are difficulties that we all go through. However, the most important lesson Kappa Delta taught me is that I will always have my sisters by my side through trying times.

Amanda Brooks

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