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10 Ways We Build Confidence


As Kappa Deltas, we are committed to building confidence in women and girls.  Here are 10 ways we build confidence:

  1. We support Confidence Coalition initiatives. Chapters across the country participate in the “You Make Me Smile” and “Catch Confidence” campaigns to spread confidence on their campuses and in their communities. Kappa Delta created the Confidence Coalition in 2009 to address the many issues that diminish confidence in women and girls.Confidence 1a Confidence 1b
  1. We mentor the Girl Scouts of the USA. Kappa Deltas host multiple Girl Scout events throughout the year to help build girls of courage, confidence and character!Confidence 2
  1. We participate in hazing prevention efforts. Kappa Delta has a zero tolerance policy for hazing. Hazing has no place in the lives of those who strive to build confidence in women.Confidence 3
  1. We prepare our leaders. Every other year, all chapter council officers and one advisor from each chapter attend our National Collegiate Training Academy for a weekend of leadership training complete with sessions specifically designed for each position. Officers go home feeling empowered and confident in leading their chapters.Confidence 4
  1. We celebrate International Girls Day. Kappa Delta created International Girls Day to celebrate all kinds of girls with all kinds of interests and abilities. With the theme “She Can Do Anything,” it’s a day to build confidence in girls and help them realize their potential. Celebrate with us on November 14!Confidence 5
  1. We provide member education. All of Kappa Delta’s member education programming uses confidence as its foundation. From PACE workshops and leadership opportunities, to risk management education and the new-member retreat, chapter members learn from each other and are encouraged to grow every step of the way.Confidence 6
  1. We spread confidence on campus. Kappa Deltas have taken the Confidence Coalition initiatives a step further and have created their own confidence-building activities for their campuses such as hosting a Confidence Week! Additionally, the Kappa Delta Foundation offers Confidence U Grants to colleges and universities to develop confidence-building programming and awareness initiatives for women on their campuses. Applications for Confidence U Grants opens PDF file are due April 30!Confidence 7
  1. We celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month. There’s no denying the support of our friends can make us more confident! Every September, we encourage members and nonmembers around the world to celebrate the female friendships in their life.Confidence 8
  2. We build confidence in families and children through PCAA. Funds Kappa Deltas raise through Shamrock events go directly to child abuse prevention efforts across the country. This includes parenting classes, after-school programs and other family resources that help provide children with happy childhoods and parents with the confidence to provide a safe and loving family environment.Confidence 9
  1. We build confidence in each other. From a social media shout-out to a handwritten thank-you card, chapter members across the country strive to build each other’s confidence by giving recognition to sisters working hard and encouragement to sisters in need.Confidence 10