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Confidence Materials to Build Confidence

Kappa Delta Sorority is all about building confidence and inspiring action – it’s even our tagline! From campus Confidence Weeks to tabling during International Women’s Friendship Month, Kappa Delta chapters build confidence on their campuses and in their communities. And now, we’ve developed some confidence materials to help you do just that.


Confidence materials button template kd sorority tabling idea

Spread the word by handing out these brightly colored buttons featuring confidence-themed words. Use the art files linked below to order your own 1.75″ round buttons to hand out to sisters and/or visitors at your confidence booth. Take it a step further by prompting visitors to think about an experience when they were their most confident self. Then, they can pick up a button that best describes how they felt in that moment. Another great idea from Sigma Tau-Washington State: Ask members to choose a button to wear during recruitment. They can use their “word” as a conversation starter with PNMs!

Confidence button design idea fierce kappa delta

Click below to download a PDF art file of each button design. (Each button design contains a 1/8″ bleed for printing.)

confident  |  fierce  |  resilient  |  strong  |  empowered  |  fearless  |  joyful  |  brave


Looking to display a copy of Kappa Delta’s Confidence Pledge? Click here to download a PDF with three color variations of the pledge (two shown below) to print yourself or at a local copy shop. Once cut out, these posters fit any  8″ x 10″ frame. (Be sure to print actual size, rather than fit to page.)

confidence materials 8x10 pledge art print download

Drive the message home by providing visitors with their own copy of the Confidence Pledge. We’ve designed a two-sided postcard with “I pledge to be confident” on the front and the full pledge on the back. The simple, clean design of the front is also a great keepsake to pin up on a bulletin board as a daily reminder to be confident.

I pledge to be confident postcard design download

Click below to download the front and back PDF art files to get your own 5″ x 7″ postcards printed. (Files are sized 5″ x 7″ and include a 1/8″ bleed for printing. We recommend 1/4″ rounded corners for an added touch.)

5×7 pledge postcard front  |  5×7 pledge postcard back


Stickers are another great way to draw people to your table. People love stickers! We’ve created two die-cut sticker designs. The first reads “I pledge to be confident,” while the other says “go confidently.” Both are available in a green or white background.

i pledge to be confident go confidently die cut sticker designs

Click below to download each die cut sticker design. The “go confidently” die-cut stickers measure 3.5″ x 1.62″. The “I pledge to be confident” die-cut stickers measure 2.1″ x 3″. (Files include a 1/8″ bleed for printing.)

go confidently green  |  go confidently white  |  pledge green  |  pledge white


Catch Confidence cards are another great tool to help spread the message of confidence. Distribute these “Caught You Being Confident” cards to women and girls in your community. Encourage them to write an uplifting message on the back of the card and share it with someone they catch being confident.

caught you being confident business cards with messages

Click below to download the front and back art files. Or, download an 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided version you can print and cut at home. (These cards measure 2.5″ x 2.5″ when cut, which is a common size for a small business card. Files include a 1/8″ bleed for printing.)

card FRONT  |  card BACK  |  catch confidence 8.5″ x 11″ printable


In addition to the confidence materials listed above, we’ve created a few shareable social media graphics. The green and white “I pledge to be confident” graphics are great for sharing on Instagram. Click below to download the different color variations. (Light green background shown below).

i pledge to be confident social media shareable graphic

light green  |  dark green  |  white

We also have the same graphic formatted for use in Instagram Stories. In addition, we created a “go confidently” patterned background and a “Take the confidence pledge” background. Click below to download each image.

confidence materials instagram story background template

I pledge to be confident:  green  |  white

Go confidently pattern:  dark green  |  light green  |  white

Take the confidence pledge:  green  |  white

Last up, if you’re planning on purchasing some of the confidence buttons from the beginning of this post, we made a fun animated graphic to use to promote the initiative.

Kappa Delta confidence buttons animated graphic

Click below to download this animated graphic. (Note: for sharing on Instagram or Facebook, use an .mp4 file; for sharing on Twitter, use the .gif file; for .mp4 files, you’ll need to first download and save them to a desktop before copying them over to your mobile device.)

Instagram/Facebook .mp4  |  Instagram Story .mp4  |  Twitter .gif

We hope these confidence materials help you spread confidence in your chapter, on your campus and in your community. Have your own ideas for building confidence? Share them with us in the comments! Or share on social media using the hashtag #KDBCIA.