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You’re Graduating. Now What?


With graduation comes a variety of emotions: excitement, anxiety, pressure.  With so many decisions to make, it can be overwhelming to press forward with a plan.  Below are five tips for taking that next big step.


1. Talk to a mentor. Is there a professor, student organization advisor or former supervisor who knows about your goals? Talk with them about the different options you have, ways to achieve your goals and tips for success. They might even agree to write a letter of recommendation for you!

2. Do your research. Whether you are applying to graduate schools, looking for one-year experience or jumping straight into your career, there is so much information out there. Learn as much as you can about the city where you are headed. Find out what professional opportunities will be available to you. Ask if stipends are offered. Every graduate program or work experience is different. You can even look for Kappa Delta alumnae chapters in the area.

3. Consider all your options. You might have your heart set on one school or one job, but it is important to have a plan B. While there is a good chance your dream will come true, often our best experiences come from back-up plans. Apply to several programs or jobs, and know that no matter which way you go, there are opportunities and positive experiences ahead.

4. Be thorough in your application process. Start early, get someone to proofread or take your resume to a career counseling office for feedback. Your application is your first chance to sell who you are; make sure you take advantage of that opportunity. You can read other tips about graduate school applications here.

5. Go confidently! No matter where you land, you are beginning an exciting chapter in your life. Your degree, experience in Kappa Delta, and all the skills you have gained over the last several years have prepared you for the next step towards being a professional. Don’t doubt that you are qualified and will find the opportunity that best suits you.