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Empowering Dreams: Why Your Support for the Kappa Delta Foundation Matters

We get questions all the time about “what” the Kappa Delta Foundation is: What does the foundation do? What is a scholarship fund? What does my donation support? But we like to think the more important question is “why?”

“The past two summers, I worked close to 60 hours a week to earn enough money to pay my tuition,” – Maggie Weber, Beta Alpha-Virginia.

“Because of the Kappa Delta Foundation, I am able to focus on my goals and work towards fostering my leadership skills,” – Neveah Votel, Eta Eta-Northern Kentucky.

“I can say with full confidence that I would not be the person I am today without Kappa Delta. I am financially independent, so this scholarship makes it possible for me to pursue a law degree after I graduate. I am so grateful,” – Caroline Marlow, Alpha Nu-Wittenburg.

Maggie, Neveah and Caroline are only three of the many reasons why supporting the Kappa Delta Foundation is so important for our KD sisters. As a country, we are facing an epidemic of loneliness and isolation that has severe consequences for our mental and physical health. Kappa Delta is uniquely positioned to provide the best medicine – sisterhood.

According to a recent study, 83% of sorority members say confidence in their leadership skills increased because of their membership. And that’s why we hope you’ll support the foundation on Giving Tuesday this Nov. 28.

Any gift, at any amount, contributes to our goal of $100,000 and provides exceptional experiences that cultivate a strong social connection and helps our sisters grow and evolve into strong, confident women.

And, this year, you can choose where your Giving Tuesday gift goes. Give to the KD Forever Fund (unrestricted) if you what your gift to be used wherever the need is strongest. Choose the General Scholarship Fund if supporting your sisters’ academic endeavors is important to you. Or select the Golden Circle Leadership Fund if you want to be a part of creating leadership training and development for our sisters.

Give confidently. Give proudly. Give to the Kappa Delta Foundation on Giving Tuesday!

P.S. Want to show off after making your donation? Be a social media ambassador! Download social assets from our toolkit and help spread the word.