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What’s the point of a sorority?


It is hard to explain a sorority to someone who has never had a personal experience or involvement with fraternity and sorority life. It can be intimidating when the stereotypes and negative opinions are stacked against us. How can we, as sorority women, confidently share who we are and what we stand for to someone whose only references are outrageous movies and negative media stories?

When we’re asked to explain the relevance of sorority membership, what we’re really being asked is to explain what we’re getting out of being a member.

So, what IS the point of a sorority? What are we getting out of this experience?

For one, sorority membership opens the door to a long list of opportunities—leadership, community service, personal growth and professional development to name a few.

Emily Brown from Kappa Delta’s Delta Eta Chapter at South Florida attributes having a well-rounded life to the opportunities provided by being a sorority woman.


Whitney Barnes, a member of Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Central Florida wanted to be a part of a group that gives back to the community, and she saw that Kappa Delta would give her opportunities for service and inspire her to action.


Sorority membership also allows us to form life-changing relationships. Through our sorority membership, we build relationships with sisters from different places and backgrounds, and we find mentors and confidantes—in our own chapter and across the country. No matter where life leads us, we can find sisters with whom we have a common bond. From the day we open our bid card to Initiation and beyond, we are connected to thousands of members nationwide.

The relationships you have with sorority sisters can benefit your life in many ways. Sisters will be there for you to celebrate the good times and comfort you in the hard times. Sisters will encourage you to follow your passions and could even lead you to the next chapter in your life.

Jene Trujilo from Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Central Florida found confidence through the relationships she has made in Kappa Delta.


I challenge you to think about your experience and what you’ve gained by being a member. If you are ever asked to explain the point of sorority membership, be confident in speaking up about the value of your experiences! Take a few minutes to share what you think the point of sorority membership is on social media and tag @kappadeltahq in your post. We are interested to hear what you have to say.

Hayley Lollar
Communications Coordinator