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Things we loved about the Confident Leaders Experience

Were you able to join us for the Confident Leaders Experience? In case you missed it, we’ve put together a highlight of this new, one-day virtual event designed for our collegiate and alumnae leaders to develop their skills and learn how they can translate their sorority experience to other areas of their life. The event provided a space for our sisters to create connections with Kappa Deltas across the country and build personal and professional confidence.  

Kicking Off the Day 

National President Susan Stockton welcomed attendees on the morning of Saturday, June 25. More than 700 attendees logged on to listen to the keynote, attend educational sessions, and enjoy networking with others.  

Kappa Delta Foundation Board Chair Beth Martin Langford then touched on the foundation’s role in making the Confident Leaders Experience possible, and National Vice President-Collegians Laura Beth McKew introduced keynote speaker, Danielle Coke. 

Keynote speaker Danielle Coke presenting

Dani Coke presenting her keynote

Dani Coke is a designer turned illustrator, social justice advocate, and entrepreneur. She’s the founder of Oh Happy Dani, a lifestyle brand and online store that uses artwork and resources to encourage hope, inspire justice, and make complex ideas more accessible for her community of over half a million people across social media. 

During her keynote, Dani discussed the idea of narrowing down your action and using your passion for good. She walked attendees through how to create their own purpose statements. She was inspiring, such a positive light and started off the weekend with tons of energy! 

Educational Sessions 

The educational sessions were where the attending collegians, alumnae and emerging leaders really got down to work. There were three 50-minute sessions throughout the day, with the purpose of engaging attendees in personal and professional development.

Speaker Annie Tutt’s desk as she waited to present her session

“I had the wonderful privilege of joining the inaugural Kappa Delta Sorority Confident Leaders Experience as a virtual conference presenter,” shared Annie Tutt, whose session was called How to Build a Greater and Better Network and Why You Need to Start Now. “It was so exciting to be connected to collegiate and alumnae leaders from all over and share a few tips on building a strong network and community. Most importantly, I got to share real stories of how my connections have shaped my personal and professional life and the gratitude I have for those relationships.” 

Other educational sessions covered topics, such as conflict resolution, dealing with imposter syndrome, mental health, being an authentic leader, managing burnout, and balancing your career with your personal life.  

Our speakers were motivational, engaging and intentional about making their content relevant. We can’t thank them enough! 

Speaker Jalynn Jones presenting her session

Of the educational sessions, one sister shared: “[I am] learning so much about how to be a better leader, not just in Kappa Delta, but in my everyday life!”  

Now that’s what we love to hear! 

Breakout Sessions 

Before the Confident Leaders Experience even began, attendees completed a core competency self-assessment. The assessment was what attendees used to create their personalized professional and personal development plan so that it could be tailored to each person’s goals as a leader.  

There were three 30-minute breakout sessions throughout the day. The best part about the breakout rooms? They were personal, specific and allowed attendees to create a full plan before the virtual event was done for the day. 

One sister shared: ““The most meaningful part [of the breakout sessions] was developing the personal action plan with goals. Having time set aside to actually dive into thinking about what I want to do/be was valuable and appreciated.” 

Another said: “I really enjoyed the hands-on activities that allowed me to gain more knowledge [about] myself [and] the people I interact with on a day-to-day basis within my chapter in order to understand how to lead and serve them better.” 

We’re so glad creating professional and personal development plans was so meaningful. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things our sisters do with the plans they created. 

Networking Opportunities

LDC Mimi McCarroll leading her breakout session

What would a KD event be (virtual or otherwise) without a little networking? Just like the educational and breakout sessions, there were three opportunities for KDs to network during the Confident Leaders Experience. 

The goal of each networking session was for participants to discover how developing connections now can benefit them later. We also wanted to give collegiate sisters a glimpse into what alumnae like is like! 

We think these two sisters said it best: 

“[As a collegian,] I most enjoyed seeing how Kappa Deltas went on to thrive and being reminded that the sisterhood doesn’t end once you graduate college.” 

“[As an alumna,] talking to other CAB members was enjoyable and relevant. [Doing so] helped me recognize that the things we are facing on our campus, others are facing too.” 

Thank you to all who joined us and made the inaugural Confident Leaders Experience such a success! Thank you, too, to the Kappa Delta Foundation for making this amazing event possible. It was an eventful day filled with lots of learning. Now that it’s over, we hope you feel more confident in your abilities and continue to strive for all that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.