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Test your knowledge: What do you know about membership recruitment?


Sigma Epsilon UT Austin Recruitment 2015-9 (800x533)

Four Truths of Membership Recruitment

Along with all other National Panhellenic Conference groups, Kappa Delta has adopted a values-based recruitment philosophy. That means instead of entertaining our potential new members we actually get to know them and share Kappa Delta’s belief system and values.

What does Kappa Delta value? Friendship, leadership, service and education.

Truth #1: The responsibility and privilege of choosing members for Kappa Delta belongs to the collegiate chapter with the guidance of the CAB-membership and collegiate membership director. Chapters receive input from alumnae in the form of recommendations and legacy introduction forms.

Truth #2: The ultimate goal of recruitment is to select women who will be lifelong members of Kappa Delta, those who will be involved collegiate members and engaged alumnae.

Truth #3: The “BEST” potential new members are those who attract other great women. 

Truth #4: All membership selection sessions, voting/scoring and all comments are confidential with only those Kappa Deltas present before, during and after recruitment.

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Three Goals for Membership Recruitment and Retention

How do we recruit members we can retain? How do we retain those members we recruit? It’s about membership not just recruitment!

GOAL #1: KNOW who you recruit. Make good use of opportunities for meaningful conversations, recommendations and Panhellenic sheets.

GOAL #2: Strive for 100% initiation.

GOAL #3: Make sure KD upholds its pledge to provide each woman with a group worth belonging to, a group that VALUES her as well as her time and money and offers something she cannot find elsewhere.

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Recruitment Terminology – Let’s get it RIGHT.

  • Recruitment not rush
  • Primary recruitment not formal recruitment
  • PNM or potential new member not rushee
  • New member not pledge
  • Event not party – timed event attended by a PNM
  • Round or Day – an event occurring over one or two days focusing on a particular theme such as Philanthropy Day or Philanthropy Round
  • Released not cut
  • Recommendation not reference

Karen Fesmire
National Vice President-Membership