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Helping Sisters Achieve Goals in 2022

One of the best things about sisterhood is that your personal goals become the goals of every Kappa Delta. We want to see each other succeed, follow our passions and create lives we love. Being a sister to your sisters means helping them find their confidence to work toward their goals, both the big and the small. That’s one thing that sets our sisterhood apart: we make it a priority to be one another’s cheerleaders. We’ve compiled some tips to help you help your sisters in 2022! 

  1. Start with a spark. Nothing is more intimidating than the age-old question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” While some of us are lucky to have a clear vision, many of us don’t know what’s on the schedule after lunchtime. Everyone is different, and OK! Approach the topic with more levity! Ask your sisters this: “When it comes time to look back on 2022, what do you hope will be in the highlight reel?” Is it spending more time in nature? Is it traveling to a new place? Is it getting into grad school, or just figuring out if grad school is the right path? Let the sky be the limit when dreaming up your goals.
  2. Look for commonalities. Maybe one of your personal goals for 2022 is to be more active, and you find out that one of your sisters wants to run a 10k. That’s something you could do together! Finding ways to approach goals as partners will not only give you someone to hold you accountable, but having a buddy on those long runs makes them feel a lot shorter! Or perhaps you want to find ways to give back to the community, and one of your sisters has the goal to plan an amazing Shamrock event. Ask her how you can be more involved! Helping each other brings us closer together and closer to what we hope to achieve. 
  3. Host a vision board party. Grab some old magazines and poster board and invite your sisters to join you for a vision board get-together! There’s just something so powerful about seeing your vision on paper: the images compiled together to illustrate the future you want. It’s not only a great self-discovery experience, but it’s fun to see how you and your sisters differ in your visions. You may cut out images of delicious recipes and family gatherings, while your sister picks pictures of faraway countries to fuel her wanderlust. Seeing what each other’s visions are will help you find ways to support each other as you work toward making them a reality.
  4. Talk through what’s doable. If your sister wants to get a job working as an aerospace engineer, that’s a great (and impressive) goal! But the first step to getting there is putting together a standout resume. Ask her if she’d like you to look it over before sending it off to the astronauts! Or perhaps you have a sister whose only goal is to put her clothes back on hangers after she tries them on. Seems small, but this can be a big hurdle for many. Offer to help her by spending some time organizing her closet together. Sisters are there to help sisters with the goals that are both mountainous and miniscule.  
  5. Don’t push it. For many college women (and even some alumnae), the future is a scary thought. For seniors and juniors especially, dreaming up a vision and creating a list of goals can be intimidating. We spend a lot of time thinking of how we can better ourselves and help our sisters be the best they can be, but there’s nothing wrong with putting all of that on pause to live in the present. In fact, that’s a perfectly acceptable goal: be here, be now, enjoy the time you have together as sisters.