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Putting Yourself Out There: A Conversation with one of KD's UIFI Participants

Hosted by the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV), the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) is an annual five-day institute that brings together sorority and fraternity members nationwide to create opportunities to explore their leadership skills, personal awareness and membership commitment. 

Each year, the Kappa Delta Foundation sponsors several collegiate members to attend UIFI. Applications for KD Foundation grants to attend UIFI in 2023 will be available this fall. This summer, three KD sisters were selected to attend. We sat down with Clare Huff, one of the participants, (Delta Tau-Morehead State) to learn more about her experience at UIFI. 

Kappa Delta: Why did you apply for a UIFI grant from the KD Foundation?  

Clare Huff: I applied because I was looking for an opportunity to grow as a leader for my chapter. I saw this grant promoted through KD, and I felt like it would be something I’d be interested in after I read more about it.  


KD: What is one word you would use to describe this experience? 

CH: Empowering. This experience was challenging in many ways, and it allowed its participants to enhance their leadership skills. From activities such as group discussions, journaling, team building exercises, and debates, this experience challenged its participants to identify goals they want to accomplish in their Greek communities. Moreover, participants were encouraged to collaborate and share ideas, so that we were able to establish how we would accomplish these objectives. Through such extensive reflection, I feel confident that I’ve strengthened my skillset to accomplish goals I’ve set for myself and my Greek community. All in all, this experience was very empowering as it created an environment equipped to prepare its participants to flourish as leaders.  


KD: What did you find most valuable about networking with other fraternity and sorority members at UIFI?  

CH: UIFI brought together leaders from across the country, and I found this very valuable because it offered me the opportunity to connect with people at a national level. Some of these leaders came from organizations that I was not familiar with, and it was worthwhile interacting with them to learn more about them. It was also comforting to know that many of us faced similar challenges, and this allowed us to work together to find solutions.  


KD: How will you use what you learned and bring it back to your chapter?  

CH: I will refer to my experience at UIFI and the elements discussed when serving as a leader for my chapter. I will share my experience and takeaways with my chapter, so that we can foster a collaborative environment equipped to accomplish the goals that we have.  

KD: What would you tell another sister thinking about applying to attend UIFI?  

CH: For any sister contemplating applying for a UIFI grant, I would say do it!! This experience was truly amazing and is an opportunity I would not have explored if not for this grant. It was truly so eye-opening and empowering to be surrounded by such amazing young leaders, and the friendships you make and experiences you share are unforgettable! UIFI provided me an amazing opportunity to consider new perspectives, cultivate new friendships, and grow as a leader.  

KD: How did this opportunity shape your Kappa Delta experience?  

CH: This opportunity has shaped my Kappa Delta experience by allotting me the chance to enhance my leadership skills to serve my chapter.