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New Year, MORE Me!


Every year, after a festive New Year’s Eve, the reality hits us—another year has come and gone. This is usually when we start thinking about all the things we didn’t accomplish in the previous year and begin mapping out our resolutions for the New Year. These resolutions will, of course, completely change us and create a “new me.”

Instead, think of how you can be “more” of who you are.

Use 2017 as a year to embrace self-love and live a life of confidence! Here are a few ways you can fall more in love with the woman you are while still striving for excellence.

1. Don’t dwell, give praise. It is easy to dwell on the things we didn’t accomplish last year, but it’s time to change your mindset and praise yourself for all of the things you did accomplish, no matter how insignificant they may feel. You may not have stuck with the strict workout routine you set for yourself, but instead you used your time to pick up a new hobby that has given you a new community of friends!

2. View your body as your tool, not your project. Many of us make a resolution to hit the gym and lose the extra pounds, all to get our bodies bikini-ready. Don’t place undue pressure on yourself to look a certain way. What’s important is how you work on improving your overall health—mind, body, spirit—not just your body image.

3. Wealth isn’t always monetary. Use your new-year motivation to be more financially savvy. Create a list of priorities for your spending. This list should include needs, wants and savings. While smart financial decisions are a 2017 must, money still comes and goes. Don’t let your financial situation be the only thing you use to measure your wealth. Friendships and experiences can also add value to your life!

4. Less focus on the flaws, more focus on the fabulous. Make 2017 a year to fall more in love with yourself! Sometimes we tend to forget all the great things we have to offer the world. Make a list of characteristics, habits and talents you like about you and put it in a place where it can be seen daily. This is a simple way to remind yourself that you are fabulous. 

Here’s to making 2017 the best year yet!