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Meet the 2017-2018 LDCs


The 2017-2018 LDCs worked hard this summer to prepare for a year of travel and chapter visits where they will develop chapter leaders, build confidence and inspire action in our collegiate chapters all over the country. Before our #roadwarriors start collecting their frequent flyer miles, there are some fun facts you should know about them.

Anna Andruzak has traveled to 22 states and has a goal to visit all 50 by the age of 27. You can find her listening to country music, especially Thomas Rhett, her favorite. Anna was initiated at Eta Omega- Kennesaw State, but transferred to Washington State University where she affiliated with the Sigma Tau chapter.

Erin Di Leva’s guilty pleasures are frozen yogurt and ice cream. She began dancing at a young age and trained with American Ballet Theatre and Joffrey Ballet Chicago in high school. Now she is obsessed with yoga and Pilates.


Caisey Dotson’s love of travel started with Kappa Delta when she took her first flight to National Convention in 2015. She has been hooked ever since! We’re glad that Caisey couldn’t get enough KD sisterhood and is traveling as a consultant for a second year. If Caisey visits your chapter, ask her about the two commercials she starred in as a child and her pet turtle named Tod.

All our LDCs are very talented, and Meredith Duncan is no exception. In fifth grade, she went to an after-school juggling camp (#skills). Meredith was once on an episode of The Bachelorette, but only as an audience member. Her happy place is Target, and says she could walk around the store for hours. Meredith will travel for Kappa Delta as a senior LDC.

If Samantha Elder visits your chapter, consider hosting a Game of Thrones watch party. She is obsessed with the series! She’s also a huge fan of college football and basketball. Samantha has ridden horses and competed in gymnastics her whole life, and she knows American sign language.

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with cats? Meet Lucy Fulliton. She has an entire photo album on her phone devoted to pictures of cats. Lucy also loves music and plays the guitar. If she visits your chapter, ask her about the time she studied abroad in Brussels, Belgium, for six months.

Sarah Johnson is multitalented. One of her favorite jobs while in college was being a church organist. Just don’t ask her to roller-skate! She has a fear of roller-skating due to face-planting into a cake at a birthday party when she was seven years old. You may recognize Sarah from an art portrait collection of her hanging in a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Before Ryan Murphy became a LDC, she became a registered nurse. She is no stranger to adventure as she has visited 16 states and 16 countries. While in Europe, she paraglided off Mont Blanc, the highest peak! Around the holidays, she and her family watched all the Harry Potter movies in order within two days. She does not recommend it unless you have a lot of snacks.

Hannah Oswalt is a huge Star Wars fan and named her rescue puppy Chewee after Chewbacca. She used to fence, but had to stop because of claustrophobia. Hannah enjoys making up songs about everyday objects and hopes to travel around the world one day.

Libby Rice has four biological sisters so KD sisterhood came naturally for her. She once traveled to India with her grandma and rode an elephant while there. After her time on the road, she plans to pursue a doctorate degree in psychology.

Karlie Rowley is obsessed with vinyl records and has over 150  in her collection! She once climbed to the top of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, which is the volcano that erupted over Pompeii almost 2,000 years ago. Karlie was initiated at Epsilon-Louisiana State but transferred to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she affiliated with the Gamma Kappa chapter.

Kate Schade is a huge New England Patriots fan, and her favorite game-day food is buffalo chicken. It’s on her bucket list to visit all 50 states, and she is already halfway there! She is sure to check a few more states during her second year traveling as a LDC for Kappa Delta.

Leigh Sheppard was born in Ontario, Canada, and holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States. She is an avid skier, and her favorite place to hit the slopes is the Swiss Alps. If Leigh visits your chapter, keep in mind that she loves trying new cuisines—“even if they are a little weird.”


Alexis Soares has taken on various leadership roles throughout the years. In high school, she was the caption of the boys’ golf team (her school did not have a girls’ team). She loves frozen yogurt, and her first job was at Pinkberry. Alexis is a huge college football fan and never missed a home game while attending THE Ohio State. #GoBucks

Jordan Webb says that was one of the best moments in her Kappa Delta experience so far was when her chapter, Delta Gamma-Western Kentucky, recently received the Council Award. Growing up, Jordan worked on a tobacco and vegetable farm for seven years. She has an identical twin sister and a younger sister. Jordan is close to becoming fluent in Spanish.

Megan Worley loves Bruno Mars. In her free time, she enjoys watching the Food Network, especially Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ host Guy Fieri. Megan has her sights set on international travel. She once traveled to Kenya and would love to go back!

Aside from these fun facts, you can learn about our LDCs and their collegiate experiences on our website. Follow their travels this year on Instagram at @kappadeltaldcs.