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Letters to My Best Friend: Workplace Friendships

In honor of International Women’s Friendship Month, we will be highlighting a few of the many empowering, uplifting female bonds that make women’s friendship so meaningful. Louisa (Lulu) Chu writes to her Kappa Delta sister and workplace best friend in the following letter:

Dear Tiffany,

We met on the first night of recruitment in 2016. Little did I know then, I had found a lifelong best friend, future colleague, thought partner and most importantly, sister in Kappa Delta.  The memories we’ve made together will leave an indelible mark on my life.  I’m so glad that I have someone who is experiencing the daily hustle and tough parts of living in New York City by my side every day, every step of the way.

Without you, I wouldn’t have my job, nor would I be on the career path that I’m pursuing today. During my junior year of college, you sat me down in our college cafeteria after sending me dozens of internship applications and encouraged me to apply, like a true sister and leader. Having seen you recently receive a rejection letter from a coveted internship program for the third time in a row, I marveled at your tenacity. Your example of resilience and drive was exactly what I needed to push me to earn a spot as a special events intern with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City. Almost exactly one year later, you joined the staff at BBBS of NYC, and it felt like destiny. Today, we collaborate daily in our roles as communications and marketing manager and special events manager. I never would have imagined that my full-time job could be so joyful, rewarding and fulfilling, and you are a huge reason why.

I couldn’t imagine the day-to-day office life without our random lunchtime cravings, productive (and sometimes silly) interdepartmental meetings and constant hysterical laughter over the photoshop and web-design disasters we’ve endured. I love jumping into our spur-of-the-moment office photoshoots and fundraising strategy brainstorm sessions. I don’t think our office culture would be the same without us running around asking our coworkers if they want to get impromptu tattoos with us on Friday afternoons!

Above all, I truly don’t think that I could do my job without your patience, your creative thinking skills and your constant support. I could not imagine enduring the exhaustion of executing a late-night gala or the nail-biting anxiety of editing spelling and grammar with anyone else.

I’m so lucky to live this life with you, Tiff, and I’m glad that Kappa Delta (and maybe a little bit of fate) kept bringing us together. Biggest love in AOT to you!


Lulu Chu

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