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Reconnecting with old friends: Kappa Delta volunteer stories 

Running into old friends at Kappa Delta events brings back memories full of fun and laughter. For Jen Kaskela, Zeta Alpha-Texas Tech, and Kendra Balod, Eta Alpha-Texas A&M/College Station, these encounters aren’t just random happenings; they’re heartwarming reminders of the special bonds formed through volunteering for our own KD.  

Jen and Kendra hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years when they ran into each other at the EMPOWER Recruitment & Marketing Academy, a pilot program held this February in Dallas. Kendra remarked how neat it was to see their relationship come full circle. “We’ve followed each other’s lives through social media-graduations, careers, weddings and babies,” said Jen. “Running into her by surprise and catching up in person was so sweet!”  

The two first met as juniors in high school when they attended Texas Girls State in 2012. When they both joined Kappa Delta at their respective universities, they exchanged KD shirts and stayed connected through social media. As they navigated post-college life, Kappa Delta remained a constant source of support and inspiration.  

Kendra’s move to the DFW area led her to join the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) for the Gamma Beta-North Texas. “After graduation, I was looking for a community of women to become a part of,” said Kendra. “Going to my first CAB meeting showed me that I had finally met that group.” 

Jen’s relocation to Corvallis, Oregon, prompted her involvement with Alpha Kappa-Oregon State as CAB-recruitment & marketing. “Being able to have sisters welcome me in with open arms helped immensely with being in a new place,” said Jen. 

For both Kendra and Jen, being a Kappa Delta volunteer is a chance to pay forward the love, support and guidance they received during their college years. 

For Jen, volunteering with Kappa Delta is more than just a way to give back—it’s a way to fulfill her promise of “not just four years, but for life.” She cherishes the memories of how her CAB’s unwavering support made such an impact on her chapter. Jen hopes to pay it forward, ensuring future generations of KD members have the same enriching experience she did. 

“Kappa Delta means more to me than words can really describe,” said Jen. “But at its core, it means sisters who have stood by me through every hurdle and triumph. It means a place of always belonging and an avenue to give back to my community.” 

Similarly, Kendra’s journey with Kappa Delta has come full circle, from her days as a college student to her current role as a fundraising professional. Volunteering with Kappa Delta has not only allowed her to give back to the organization that shaped her into the woman she is today but has also provided her with a sense of belonging and purpose.  

“Kappa Delta is a place of belonging. It is a place that pushes you to be your best self,” said Kendra. ”And I know that no matter where I go, I know KD is there.” 

Jen and Kendra’s story remind us of the importance of volunteering, both for the impact it has on others and for the impact to our own lives. So, whether you’re a fresh grad or a seasoned alumna, why not jump into the world of Kappa Delta volunteering? Who knows, you might just stumble upon connections that’ll last a lifetime.  

Visit kappadelta.org/volunteer to explore opportunities and take the next step in your Kappa Delta journey.