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Letters to My Best Friend: Long-Distance Friendships

In honor of International Women’s Friendship Month, we will be highlighting a few of the many empowering, uplifting female bonds that make women’s friendship so meaningful. Grace Galler writes to Sawyer Brown, her Kappa Delta sister with whom she maintains a long-distance friendship in the following letter:

Dear Sawyer,

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment our friendship started, but it definitely falls in the top 10 best moments of my life. When I joined Kappa Delta at the University of South Carolina, the main reason I became a member was because everyone was telling me about the real friendships they developed in the chapter.

The first few weeks after our Bid Day, I began to get nervous because I had yet to find those authentic friendships everyone was talking about. But then, I met you! The first night we hung out together, we instantly clicked. The memories we made together are some of my most cherished college experiences. Whether it was getting ready for sisterhood events in your dorm room, late nights crying over heartbreak or evenings spent planning our Halloween costumes, you were the constant in all those memories.

When I decided to transfer to another university, you didn’t stop being my sister even though I would soon be leaving you and our chapter. You stuck by me and gave me the support I needed to be confident in such a life-altering decision. You ensured me that nothing would change and that our friendship would not falter despite the distance. Even now with us being 544.6 miles apart, our friendship is as strong as ever. Our Facetime sessions and phone calls are things I look forward to every day, and I’m so grateful we’ve put in the effort to visit each other as well. From the beach trips to lake trips, dinner dates to my favorite late-night drives to Sonic while blaring music, each one of these memories holds a special place in my heart. I can’t wait for us to grow old together and for this friendship to continue on as we embark on new adventures in our lives.

Although we only lived in the same city for three months, you are one of the truest and dearest friends I have. You mean so much more to me than just a best friend. You are one of the only people who knows me better than I know myself. You are my favorite shoulder to cry on, my biggest cheerleader and the one person who I can pick up the phone and call who will readily help with whatever I may need.

I hope you know that in all the ways you have been there for me, I will be there for you. I hope our friendship has made the impact on your life in the same way it has on mine, because it has been significant.  I will forever be grateful for Kappa Delta for starting that initial connection between us, and I pray that all Kappa Deltas will find a friendship and sisterhood as close as ours.

Love Always,


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