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Kappa Delta Inspired Me to Action


During my freshman year of college, I had the opportunity to tour the Children’s Safety Center with my Kappa Delta sisters. It is an amazing organization that helps children heal from the devastating effects of child abuse. As someone who thrives on helping others, I knew that I wanted to get involved and take action to help these children. I wanted to adopt each and every one of them…but college first!


With the encouragement of my family and support from my KD sisters, I discovered a way to raise money for this amazing organization. One evening, I was sitting at dinner discussing job options with my mom (fellow KD sister and Baylor alumna) and other family members. I made candles as a hobby and wanted to use that passion to give back. That’s when Noble Glow was founded! Over the course of a few hours around the dinner table, we came up my company name, logo, Instagram page, scent ideas, mission statement and a whole list of the things I needed to do to get started.


The name Noble Glow comes from Isaiah 32:8, which says, “A noble man makes noble plans. He stands up for noble causes.” When someone purchases a Noble Glow hand-poured, soy candle, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the Children’s Safety Center. Each candle comes with a story and hand print from a child, so customers can feel the impact of their purchase. No child should be forced to suffer from the horrors of abuse, but we can make a difference in their lives.


My goal is to raise money for this amazing organization while encouraging others to find and live out their noble cause, as well. If it wasn’t for Kappa Delta, I may not even know that the Children’s Safety Center exists, and there would be no Noble Glow. I’m grateful for Kappa Delta and for the support my sisters provide. They are a constant encouragement to me when I get overwhelmed with running a business and keeping up with my studies.

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Abigail Hearn
Zeta Gamma-Arkansas