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It’s on you. It’s on me. It’s On Us.


Since 2014, the It’s On Us campaign has worked with campuses and community organizations across the country to put an end to sexual violence.  It’s On Us aims to raise awareness of the issue of sexual assault and inspire each of us to see prevention as our own responsibility. We can each be aware of our surroundings and take action to keep those in our communities safe.

Kappa Delta is proud to be a partner of the It’s On Us campaign, as well as a member of the It’s On Us Greek Leadership Council, a group of fraternities and sororities committed to partnering on prevention and education in our communities.

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, the It’s On Us campaign has released a new PSA called “Autocorrect.” Watch and share it with your friends. It’s on each of us to make positive change in our communities.

You can take the It’s On Us Pledge here.