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Internships to Interviews: How KD Gave Me Confidence


I first pledged Kappa Delta in the fall of 2016. At the time, I had no idea how much an organization could positively impact my personal and professional life. From internships to interviews, I continue to be surprised by all the unexpected ways Kappa Delta prepared me for life outside of college.

woman smiles wearing orange

Avery proudly wearing her letters on graduation day.

In November 2018, I helped one of my sisters prepare for a job interview. We spent time practicing interview questions and revising her resume. Those small acts of kindness turned into a potential career opportunity.

The sister I was helping knew I was interested in pursuing a career in law. She informed me that her father’s law firm was hiring for legal assistant positions. Thanks to her kindness and her father’s guidance, I was able to secure an interview with his firm in Manhattan, New York. Though the outcome was not what I had hoped for, I gained amazing interview skills I can utilize for future professional opportunities. The interview experience helped me rediscover my passion for the law and motivated me to continue my pursuit of higher education.

This past summer, I received the opportunity to intern for Senator Doug Jones from Alabama. I knew that a summer in the United States Senate would be challenging, but the opportunities to grow both professionally and personally would be well worth it. What I did not expect was to share sisterhood with another staff member, Sarah Kate Sullivan.

Within the first few days in Washington D.C., I discovered Sarah Kate was not only a Kappa Delta but an alumna from my chapter. The mentor-mentee relationship I developed with Sarah Kate demonstrated how our sisterhood is not limited to four years at a university, but extends for a lifetime. I learned a lot during my internship, but one of the best lessons was that membership in Kappa Delta means building relationships in unexpected places.

women pose with american flag

Avery and sister Sarah Kate Sullivan.

As the end of my undergrad years at the University of Alabama quickly approaches, many of my friends and classmates are struggling with the idea of life after college and what the future holds. However, my fears are nonexistent. I know that after college I have women in my life who will push me to be the best I can be.

The women of Kappa Delta shaped my confidence and pushed me to succeed. Without them, I would not be the woman I am today. Being a sister of Kappa Delta means you are never alone. There’s always someone who believes in you.

Avery Phillip

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