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International Women’s Friendship Month 2020

Friendship between women is vital to our wellbeing and impacts every aspect of our lives. With the many challenges we face today, having female friends is a huge benefit: we’re in it together, and we can empower each other.

Throughout the month of September, we encourage you to honor and celebrate the women in your life whose friendship has made a lasting impression you. This year, we will spotlight four types of friendship on our Kappa Delta HQ social media platforms:

Workplace Friendships

Women in the workplace often serve as mentors, teammates and encouragers for one another. Having another woman who navigates a similar career can boost your professional confidence and make the work environment more fun!

Big/Little Friendships

There’s nothing quite like the bond between big and little sorority sisters. The best big is there to help her little find her place within the chapter and on campus. For many, it’s a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Panhellenic Friendships

While we love our Kappa Delta sisters, spreading #panlove on your campus not only brings together the college community, but makes the sorority experience stronger! Panhellenic friendships inspire potential new members to recognize a supportive environment across the entire Greek system.

Long-Distance Friendships

Whether you are forced to remain separated due to health concerns during the pandemic or you and your friends settle in different parts of the world post-graduation, maintaining friendships long distance is possible with all the technology we have today. Just because we’re apart, doesn’t mean we’re not close at heart.

We encourage you to engage and participate in the campaign by posting pictures of you and your friends to your social media, using the hashtag #IWFM and tagging opens in a new window@KappaDeltaHQ. Tell us why your friendships matter, and why women should value female bonds. You could see your photos reposted to our accounts!