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"I'm Proud of Myself" - KD Senior Hannah Reflects on Confidence in Leadership


As graduation approaches, Kappa Delta seniors are preparing to enter the next phase of life. They will soon start their careers or enter grad school. They may move to a new city and find a place in a new community. Sometimes finding confidence during that time can be daunting.

Even though Kappa Delta helped to build their confidence during their undergrad years, the transition to post-graduate life can be hard. Kappa Delta’s Senior Experience Confidence in Leadership circle boosts their confidence during this critical time. It leads seniors to share what inspires them, what gives them confidence and what being a leader means to them.

We chatted with Hannah Adams, the former VP-membership at Zeta Omega-Memphis, about finding confidence in her leadership role and in her upcoming post-grad life.

Kappa Delta Headquarters: What about this Senior Experience circle resonated with you?

Hannah Adams: The best thing about the Confidence in Leadership circle is being able to talk with sisters my own age who are going through the same things with the same worries and same excitement. Sometimes we take for granted the benefits of being surrounded by women in the same stage of life.

KDHQ: For the circle, you read a Forbes article about the 15 challenges women leaders face. During your term as VP-M, what was a challenge you met?

HA: One of the biggest challenges I faced as VP-M was trying to implement changes that would better our chapter. I updated our recruitment processes and sisterhood events without switching it up too much. Although I was nervous at first, in the end the changes made my chapter grow for the better.

KDHQ: Did you learn anything you will use in life after college during the senior circle?

HA: One of the things we talked about was the importance of women’s friendships and surrounding yourself with people you trust, even past college. This is something I will always remember. No matter what, I will make my friendships a priority.

KDHQ: Tell us about a time in Kappa Delta when your confidence soared.

HA: I gained so much confidence leading recruitment. Although it was a very high stress time for me, I made sure to remind myself of the big picture and the purpose of what I was doing, which kept me calm.  I am proud of how I led my chapter through recruitment, and I was able to do so by reminding myself constantly that everything was for the betterment of my sisterhood. I think as women we are constantly picking ourselves apart and have a very hard time admitting when we’ve done something well. It is so very important to be able to look back at our actions and think, “Wow! I’m proud of myself. I killed that!”

KDHQ: How did the senior circle build your confidence?

HA: Senior circle reminded me that I have the skills and confidence to be anyone I want to be. Because of Kappa Delta, I have been empowered and pushed and reminded that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I constantly had women behind me pushing me to be better and supporting me. My sisters are the reason I am the confident leader I am today. Years from now, I will still be able to think back to my days in the chapter and be inspired by the women I call my sisters.

KDHQ: What did this senior circle teach you about your sisters you did not know before?

HA: I learned the other seniors in my chapter are all nervous about the same things! Graduating is such a bittersweet experience, and it’s comforting to know you have a group of women behind you who know exactly how you’re feeling.

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