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Go Confidently into August


A new school year is here! While we’re sad to see summer go, there’s nothing like a fresh start to inspire us to set new goals. We all have things we’d like to accomplish, whether it be enhancing a skillset, declaring a major or getting to know more sisters. Imagine where you hope to be this time next year. What goals can you set now to make sure you get there? Grab that fresh new pack of pens, because we have a few ideas! 

Be curious. Get to know new women in your chapter or connect with co-workers you don’t know well. Instead of assuming you know everything already, think of new questions to ask. Ask about their hobbies, personal goals, who inspires them or what makes them laugh. You never know where a new connection will lead. 

Step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you would like to apply for a new opportunity, enroll in a dance class or pitch an idea to your team. If you have been thinking about it for a while but haven’t found the courage, this is your year!  

Think of new ways to live your values. Making decisions that align with your values is a lifelong work in progress. How can you build more confidence in others? What does it look like to strive for the honorable, beautiful and highest this year? How can you challenge yourself to be the very best you can be? Recommit to your values, and to Kappa Delta, and continue that growth.  

Regularly set and achieve goals to ensure you never stop growing. Don’t underestimate the momentum a fresh start can provide. Tell us about your goals using the hashtag #KDCoffee. And go confidently!