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Five Tips for Starting the Semester Strong


Summer has quickly come and gone. Hopefully, you found time over the past few months to relax and get refreshed.  Whether you are beginning a new school semester or continuing working, fall is a great time to regroup and tackle some goals!

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Here are some tips to start the semester strong:

1. Get Organized.a planner with the quote "you are capable of doing amazing things"Find the organization style that works best for you. Buy a planner or find online tools that fit your style. As a student, I preferred using a weekly planner, but as a full-time employee I prefer a daily planner. There are plenty of free online templates you can try as you figure out what works best. Use this time before things get crazy to plan what your days will look like. Write in when you have class or work. Mark days you need off for vacation or other events that are already planned. Don’t forget to add in lunch breaks, the most important part of any day!

2. Replenish your supplies.a yellow September calendar with two notepads on topOffice supplies are some my favorite things to shop for, and the start of a new semester means it’s time to stock up! Purchasing something small — like a new stack of colorful sticky notes or a few of your favorite pens — can be a great motivator as you start off the semester.

3. Plan based on your productivity level.five college-aged women sitting in a circle doing homeworkI have found that I am most productive in the mornings or at night. Knowing this, I plan most of my meetings in the afternoons so I can work on projects in the morning or at night when I am most productive. Are there times of the day when you are more productive? Schedule your work or homework during times when your productivity is at a high.

4. Reflect.a college-aged girl sitting in a rocking chair on a porch, journalingAs the semester starts, take time to reflect on the previous year. Is there anything you want to change about your work or school? Is there something you’d like to add to your schedule to make yourself feel more fulfilled? Every year, I find myself wishing I had worked out more, yet I never do anything to change. Use the start of a new semester as incentive to start doing those activities that you have been wanting to do!

5. Make a promise to yourself.three smiling girls holding to go coffee cups with compliments written on themEach Friday on my way to work, I treat myself to coffee. Find something special that makes you happy. It can be as simple as treating yourself to a fancy coffee drink once a week, or more elaborate like going on a well-deserved vacation each year. Life goes by fast and we can forget to enjoy it, so take some time now to find what makes you happy and make that promise to yourself.

Before your schedule gets full of work, classes, homework — and the occasional sleeping when you can find time — plan to be intentional with your time and commitments. And when life gets crazy busy just remember to do something you love, even if it is just grabbing a cup of coffee on your morning commute.

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Aly Ruhl
Chapter Services Coordinator