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Tips for a Standout Scholarship Application

Kappa Delta Foundation scholarships are live, and you’re ready to apply! You have your laptop fired up. You head over to the Kappa Delta website, beeline right to the scholarships section and click to start your opens in a new windowapplication. Easy enough! But how do you make sure your application stands out?  

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our best tips and tricks to ensure you have a standout application and better your chances for securing that scholarship funding!  

Write clearly and concisely but make sure your passion shows. 

It’s tough to strike a balance between getting straight to point and taking the time to properly introduce yourself. However, that’s the magic formula for writing a standout personal statement. You want to make sure each word counts and packs a punch, but also evokes the emotion you’re trying to communicate. Think about moments that have shaped your Kappa Delta experience or how being a member of KD has impacted your life as a whole. Whatever it is, make sure to give enough detail to illustrate your feelings but not too many examples, otherwise the focus of your statement may get lost in a tangent.  

Be prepared – have your documents at the ready. 

One of the best tips to make the application process more seamless is to be prepared with all the documents and information you need right at your fingertips from the very start. This will help cut down on any time spent stopping and starting your application. 

For a list of required documents and other information you will need for this process, check out the scholarship FAQ 

Take your time; there is no need to rush. 

We get it, life is busy, and applications can be a time commitment! Although we try our hardest to make the application process easy, there’s no getting around the fact that applications do take time. Always feel free to save your progress and take a break if you need to – it will still be there when you return to finish it! 

In some cases, the early bird gets the worm, but not with Kappa Delta Foundation scholarship applications. There are no bonus points for getting your application completed on the first day it goes live (which is good news, because they went live Oct. 17!). That said, there is no penalty for finishing and submitting it on the very last day before the deadline. Take your time!  

Above all, make sure to be confidently and authentically you. 

The biggest mistake you can make on a scholarship application is telling us what you think we want to hear instead of speaking your truth. Maybe you’re a bit on the shy side, or just the opposite and your friends joke you’ve never met a stranger? Either way, be confident in your personal statements but make sure they speak to exactly who you are. We want to see your personality shine through on your application. Make sure to remain authentic to yourself and really focus on what makes you, well, you!  

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. 

You’ve followed our tips, completed your application, and then you receive an email notifying you that this year you are not a scholarship recipient. Don’t let this get you down! 

Our goal is to one day award a scholarship to every single applicant, and we’re still working toward this goal! In the meantime, we recommend you continue to apply each year and reach out to the Kappa Delta Foundation programs coordinatorcreate new email if you have specific questions about your application. 

For more information on scholarships and opportunities offered through the Kappa Delta Foundation, click here.