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Does Sorority Membership Really Prepare you for the Real World?


We’ve all been there. Deep down you know how much you’ve learned from your sorority experience. But the words are hard to find when you’re updating your resume, discussing your qualifications in a job interview or describing the value of your experiences to your friends and family. Do you find yourself doubting, for just a moment, what you have actually gained from your membership?  Hopefully, it doesn’t take long for you to realize you have example after example of the benefits of being a sorority woman.


Our four years as Kappa Delta collegians provide us with opportunities to plan events, manage teams, delegate tasks, publicize major philanthropies, network with other fraternity and sorority members, balance multiple deadlines and priorities, and work as a team towards shared goals.

Maybe you managed a room of 250  women for weekly meetings. You might have been on the Girl Scout committee and planned  events with your local troop. Maybe you were responsible for organizing Homecoming Week and motivating chapter members to attend each event. Or perhaps you didn’t hold a leadership position in the chapter, but you balanced your active Kappa Delta membership with a full class schedule while also working part-time. None of these are small tasks; all of these demonstrate leadership qualities and the ability to achieve tasks in the workplace.

It’s not just the practical skills you gain as a sorority woman, either. Think about the interpersonal skills you gained in the chapter: finding consensus in a room full of different opinions, resolving conflict and working on a team with different personalities. Not to mention the networking skills you learned during recruitment! These skills, and the confidence you gained while developing them, will set you apart from the pack for years to come. The ability to connect and work with people of different backgrounds, perspectives and skills is important in any work environment.

Next time you’re fine tuning your resume, don’t underestimate the skills you gained as a member of Kappa Delta. Have the confidence to tell the story of your KD experience proudly, knowing that sorority life is much like the professional world. Your ability to successfully commit, navigate and lead in that setting equips you to go confidently into your profession and succeed.

Don’t just take our word for it! Sorority women are full of stories to tell of how their experience prepared them professionally. Check out these stories of successful women who learned priceless lessons during their time in KD.