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How to Showcase KD Leadership Positions on a Professional Resume

While in the chapter, you have the chance to take on many leadership roles that prepare you for the professional world awaiting after college. These can be Kappa Delta officer positions, joining various committees or volunteering for different events! While these positions can be time consuming, require a lot of planning and thought energy, the experience you gain make them worth the effort. But how do you translate that experience to a resume? Whether it be chapter president, sisterhood chair or song leader, or if you were an active participant in philanthropic activities or committees—it’s all worth showcasing. Future employers will likely be impressed with your involvement and commitment! Here are five tips to help you get started: 

  1. Utilize your position or committee description. Check out your officer manual, the Resource Library and other sources of information that you received while in the chapter. Jot down the basic responsibilities that are outlined in these documents. This is a great place to start! 
  2. Reflect on your accomplishments. Think about what you learned and accomplished during your time in the chapter. What were your major projects? What skills did this require? What did you bring to the table? Did an officer position push you to be organized, creative or adaptable? Was there a time when you went above and beyond as a committee member to serve your chapter? Was there a philanthropy event where you were a key team player? What did you learn?
  3. Tailor your experiences to suit the opportunity you’re applying for. If you were the vice president-member education, and you’re applying for a teaching job, outline how you planned educational workshops and the methods you used to teach the information. Perhaps you were the alumnae relations chair: you can outline how you created bi-annual newsletters that were sent to hundreds of people. Or maybe you served as vice president-public relations and you’re crossing your fingers for a job at an advertising agency: you’ve definitely got some copywriting and creative skills to showcase! Compare the requirements of the job to your officer position description and find ways to highlight the similarities. 
  4. Use action verbs to describe your experiences! Words like achieved, organized, collaborated, coordinated, created, managed (and more!) show the action behind the description. Did you lead chapter meetings, or did you direct, design and facilitate weekly meetings with over 100 women? Were you a team member, or were you an essential member of a high-functioning committee? Putting action behind your experiences show that you are a dynamic candidate! 
  5. Quantify your experience. How many members were on the committee that you lead? How many people attended the Shamrock or sisterhood event that you planned? Putting numbers behind these descriptions make your experiences more relevant to employers. Did you get more followers on Instagram, or did you increase social media engagement by 30 percent? Numbers matter and will help you sell your skills! 

Your positions in Kappa Delta make the collegiate experience that much more fulfilling, they also give your resume a boost! So be sure not to omit them! Looking for some career advice or need help with your resume? Check out the Kappa Delta HQ LinkedIn group to connect with alumnae members in your field or ask your CAB for advice. Now get out there, craft a stellar resume and conquer the professional world!