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Be Bold With Your Body Language


Often, women view their bodies as objects that must be perfected to be valuable; this is a harmful mindset. When we learn to love our bodies and are self-assured, we exude confidence during our interactions with others.

As women, it is easy to focus on how we physically look. Is my makeup perfect? Did I wear the right kind of outfit? Is my hair in place? We forget that our body language and facial expressions are more important indicators of our level of confidence and comfort in a situation. You can wear the fiercest outfit and have the best hair day, but if you are always looking down, crossing your arms or have an unpleasant resting face, everything else goes unnoticed.

Here are some easy ways to let your confidence shine through:

  • Make intentional eye contact. There is no need for a staring contest, but looking someone directly in the eyes when speaking to them shows you believe in what you are saying and you are able to assert yourself. When it comes to a presentation, looking directly at the audience members gives them a sense of connection to you and your message.
  • Enhance your posture. This does not mean that your back needs to be straight as a board to appear confident. Instead, remind yourself to sit or stand with your shoulders back and your chin parallel to the floor. You should still feel comfortable and look relaxed. This will show others that you are professional, poised and self-assured.
  • A smile can speak a thousand words. Smiling while listening and speaking shows others that you are invested in the conversation and actively listening. A smile means kindness, which makes others feel more comfortable approaching you.

Take these tips into consideration next time you’re having a conversation, interviewing for a job or giving a presentation. You are confident, now is the time to show it!