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Applying for KiDs Grants


Kappa Delta Foundation KiDs Grants are designed to allow Kappa Delta alumnae chapters and individuals an opportunity to have a direct, positive impact on families and children in their community. Each year, KDF grants $25,000 towards quality programming and prevention-oriented projects with a maximum of $10,000 for a single recipient organization. KDF encourages applicants to work in partnership with collegiate chapters, alumnae chapters or other KDs. Projects should be sustainable and provide positive visibility in the community and involvement opportunities to Kappa Deltas.

Not sure if your project is what we are looking for? Take a look at our 2017 grant recipients.

Applying for any grant requires some planning and research, but the resulting impact on children in your community is worth it! To help you get started, take a look at our insider tips:

Tip # 1: Do Some Planning

  • Applications are online and accessible using your KD user credentials. Don’t remember your password? Go to kappadelta.org, to claim your profile or reset your password. Still having problems? Call Katie Boyd, KDF programs manager, at 901-746-3642.
  • Make sure you have the recipient organization’s mission statement, its history, proof of tax-exemption (a letter from the IRS), listing and contact information of key staff and board of directors and a letter of endorsement from the organization.
    • Hint: Create a Word document with application questions you need the organization to answer. When they return the document, you can copy/paste them back into your online application.
  • Another Hint: See if the organization has a grant coordinator and writer to help review your proposal and provide additional hints, tips or edits.

Tip #2: Make Your Project Shine

  • Think about sustainability. How long will the impact of KDF’s grant funding be felt?
  • Show how you and other KDs will be involved with the grant.
    • Hint: Your application may look stronger if you have (or if your KD alumnae chapter has) an existing connection to the organization.
  • How will KD be visible to the public? How will you promote KDF’s funding?
    • Hint: Provide a detailed PR plan that shows how the community will see Kappa Delta’s name and learn about our involvement and partnership.
    • Insider Tip: What type of recognition will the Kappa Delta Foundation receive? Is there a naming opportunity? Will KDF be included in a donor society?
  • Does the organization align with Kappa Delta’s mission?
    • Myth-buster: working with the Girl Scouts and/or a PCAA-affiliated organization is not required.

Tip #3 Leave This Stuff Out

  • Grant requests for salary or overhead expenses are not recommended.

Tip # 4 Put This Stuff In  

  • Will your project be annual, ongoing or a one-time event?
  • Hint: If you are building on an existing event, how can you make it sustainable?
    • What is the need or problem being addressed by the organization and your project?
  • Insider Tip: Stronger applications will impact children, families and the community — because when we help children, we help their families and communities too.

Tip #5 Let Your Budget Tell the Story

  • Shoot for the stars with your request. You might not get the full amount, but the detailed budget is your opportunity to shine.
    • Hint: Be specific. Give a description for generic terms such as “supplies” or “program materials.”
  • What’s the organization’s real need? What is the minimum amount needed to make a difference with your project?
    • Insider Tip: Partial funding may be granted. Show us what is a must, what is a need and what would be nice to have.
    • Hint: If your request is part of a larger budget, include the details for the KDF grant and the organization’s overall budget.

Have additional questions? Contact Katie Boyd at j.pasque@kappadelta.orgcreate new email.