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5 Tips for Staying Calm, Cool and Confident During Finals


It’s finals week! For many sisters, this week can mean a wave of anxiety right in the middle of what should be the most wonderful time of the year. Despite months of making it to class right on time, turning in countless homework assignments and even raising your hand during the lecture now and then, sometimes the final grade hinges on the final exam. This can be stressful. But have no fear! We’ve rounded up our top five tips to keep you motivated through the madness.

  1. Keep moving. Literally!

With all the hours spent hunched over your textbook in the library and staring at your laptop reviewing the study guide, chances are exercise has fallen to the wayside during finals prep. Make time to attend a yoga class, go for a walk on campus with a sister or take a dance break! A little exercise will help keep the stress at bay.

  1. Skip the sugar.

Stressing out over multiple choice answers and essay questions could send you on a downward sugar spiral, reaching for treats to help ease the tension. While a little dessert is OK, try not to overload on sugar during your study sessions. The sudden spike in energy will only cause you to crash later, and you won’t feel your best self to tackle the test. Instead, stick to healthy snacks and balanced meals for optimized brain function and stress management.

  1. Study with a sister.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the same class or major with a Kappa Delta sister, ask her to go over notes together. You may find that studying with a buddy is a more enjoyable experience, thus reducing your stress levels. Plus, a little laughter and sister time is the best medicine for pre-exam anxiety!

  1. Don’t forget the zzz’s!

Just because the campus library is open 24 hours a day before finals week does not mean you need to be there around the clock. Tiredness and a lack of sleep is sure to cause you undue stress before a final, and your brain will struggle to remember key facts and information. To avoid an all-nighter before a test, try planning out a study schedule with plenty of time to review what you’ve learned. The night before, give your notes a quick review and get some shut-eye! An alert, well-rested mind is the best good luck charm.

  1. Call your best friend before you walk into the classroom.

By having a quick chat with a KD sister (or mom, dad, aunt or any other trusted figure in your life), you’ll give yourself the opportunity to relax and take a breath before the final begins. If you know a sister is suffering from some intense pre-finals stress, pay it forward and give her a call before she takes her final. Let her know you wish her good luck!