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5 Tips for Keeping up with Sisters in a Virtual World


Even miles apart, your Kappa Delta sisters can remain close to your heart. While nothing is as fulfilling as spending some quality time in person with best friends, keeping up virtually can help ease the feeling of isolation as we do our part to keep the coronavirus from spreading.

We reached out to our members on Instagram to ask what they were doing to stay in touch with their KD sisters during this time. We encourage you and your friends to implement some of these suggestions.

1. Start a virtual book club.

Nothing makes time fly quite like a good book. You can look to Amazon for opens in a new windowseveral free e-books on Kindle, check out digital books online from your local library, or support your local bookstore by ordering a copy over the phone or online. Coordinate with your sisters and choose a book, then schedule a group FaceTime or Skype session to discuss the read. What did you think of the characters? How would they react during a pandemic? For inspiration, check out opens in a new windowReese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine book club or check Kappa Delta sister opens in a new windowPearl S. Buck’s lengthy list of published works.

2. Host a Netflix party.

Everyone enjoys a day of Netflix-binging! Start a new series or screen a favorite movie with friends. Pick a time when you can all watch together, then regroup over the phone or text to chat about what you saw. You could even designate themed nights like Thriller Thursday or Western Wednesday.

3. Join a virtual exercise class with friends.

With so many gyms and fitness studios closing across the country during the coronavirus outbreak, many of them are transitioning their regularly scheduled classes to an online format. Ask your KD friends to sign up for a yoga, dancing or bootcamp class with you and get moving in your living room. It will feel like you’re all sweating it out together. Be sure to swap selfies after class!

4. Kick it old school! Write a letter.

We don’t know about you, but nothing brings a smile to our faces quite like receiving an old-fashioned handwritten note in the mail. Ask your sisters to share their home addresses with you and get to work writing them a heartfelt letter. You can personalize it with watercolor, stickers, stamps or anything else you like! Tell them a funny story or recount a memory you two share. Her day will surely brighten when she opens the mailbox to see a letter from you.

5. Have a virtual study session.

Transitioning from sitting in a classroom on campus to studying off a laptop screen can be quite a change. If you share a major with a sister or are taking the same class, designate a time to video chat and exchange notes or discuss the material. You’ll kill two birds with one stone by getting your homework done and having some quality time with a friend.

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