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5 Helpful Hints for Online Learning, Part Two

Earlier this year, we published this blog listing helpful hints for transitioning from the in-person classroom experience to remote learning. Chances are you are facing a similar situation this fall with some or all of your classes online.

Kappa Delta wants to see you succeed in your classes and stay positive as we push through this semester! During times like these, prioritizing wellness along with your academics is so important. We surveyed our members for additional tips to help keep you happy and healthy in class this fall.

  1. Change up your location for each class.

Sitting in your dorm room, apartment, chapter house or family living room in the same spot every single day for every single class is sure to get old. Last year, you likely had classes in different buildings and locations on campus, so why not create a similar pattern for online instruction? Anywhere your WiFi reaches that is socially distant from others is fair game! Take your math class from a hammock in the backyard, listen to a lecture wearing headphones and a mask in the back corner of the school library, or set up a hotspot on a hiking trail with a view for group discussions. Picking a new location for each class will help you feel a sense of normalcy with your schedule.

  1. Don’t skip class.

Though it may be even more tempting with classes online, there’s really no excuse to skip class this semester. The credits and grades you earn still count toward your overall GPA, just as an in-person class would, so take it seriously. Even if you are feeling under the weather, you can still attend lectures from the comfort of your room with a mug of tea. Challenge yourself to have perfect attendance this fall and consistently show up for class with an attitude of curiosity and positivity, even when you don’t feel like it. Your demeanor will be sure to inspire others.

  1. Get the gear.

Staring at a screen all day has negative health effects, but there are some tools you can implement to help promote health in a virtual world. Invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses to wear during class, purchase an extra monitor if you notice yourself slumping over your laptop, make your desk chair more comfortable by adding a lumbar support pillow, and decorate your study space with plants, stickers and pictures of your KD sisters to bring you joy. Once class is over, power off your electronics and go for a walk to give your eyes and body a much-needed break.

  1. Take notes by hand.

Since you’ll likely be using your computer screen to watch PowerPoint slides and video lectures, toggling between a Word document for notetaking and the class can get tricky. Instead, invest in some cute notebooks and colorful pens and take notes the old-school way! Taking longhand notes will also help you learn in a tactile way, as writing things down helps helps you remember it. Plus, you can color code each topic with your favorite vibrant hues!

  1. Reach out to a virtual study buddy.

Going to class is a great way to make friends, and you can still create those connections in a virtual world! Reach out to the people in your class and ask if anyone is interested in Zoom study sessions. Or, if you notice KD sisters on the class roster, put them in a group chat and discuss the material together. Coordinate a socially distant study session in an outdoor setting before a big test! You may be surprised how friendships can be fostered even through a screen.