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5 College-Living Essentials for Confidence

Whether you’ll be moving into a dorm, bunking down in the chapter house with your sisters or completing your semester from home, consider these important items to make a smooth transition to fall!

  1. Multiple Masks

This one is a no-brainer! Even if you think mask-wearing can be uncomfortable, many campuses are mandating them. Check out your favorite shops and boutiques for cute masks made from fun fabrics so you can personalize them to your outfit and style! Or, if you’re crafty, you can create your own for yourself and your sisters. It’s good to have several on hand so you are never in need. Mask up, ladies!

  1. Plenty of Hand Sanitizer

It’s a good idea to keep hand sanitizer with you at all times, not just for yourself but for your sisters as well. Stock up on some mini bottles of hand sanitizer and keep one in your purse, one in your backpack and one on the desk in your room! If you’re ever in a pinch and can’t find a sink to wash your hands, you’ll be prepared!

  1. A Cleaning Kit

The CDC recently determined that Lysol disinfectant can kill the coronavirus on contact. If you’re on campus or living at home for the fall semester, keeping your study space clean will be essential as you come and go. Create a  cleaning kit to keep in your desk drawer with some disinfectant, wipes and other essential cleaning products.

  1. A Working Laptop or Computer

It’s likely at least some classes will be online this fall to maintain distance, which means you may spend more time in a virtual setting than you’re used to. Take your laptop in for a tune-up before the school year begins so you’re not surprised with any unexpected viruses or glitches. When your technology runs smoothly, it makes the virtual world more enjoyable!

  1. A Good Attitude

While this semester will look different than what you expected pre-COVID-19, , it will provide valuable lessons in resilience, adaptability and creativity. You can still create meaningful bonds with sisters, learn new things in your classes, raise your hand for leadership positions in your chapter and on campus and grow as an individual. When it comes down to it, that’s what the college experience is all about.