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Headquarters Staff

Our headquarters staff are an essential component of Kappa Delta. Comprised of professional women and men from across the country, we’re proud to work with talented people with different backgrounds and experiences within and outside of Kappa Delta.

Learn more about our headquarters staff and the departments below! Looking to connect? Click here to visit our contact page and to connect with our National Headquarters office. Curious about working for KDHQ? Check out our careers page.


Leading the way for the Kappa Delta Sorority and Foundation, the executive team works alongside National Council and Foundation Board to implement our strategic goals while staying true to our mission and vision. Serving both entities, staff, volunteers, collegians and alumnae, the executive team oversees day-to-day operations and headquarters staff.


From the giant task of planning our biennial convention to managing headquarters tours, the operations department keeps Kappa Delta national headquarters running smoothly. This department maintains and manages the office space, overnight guest quarters, and archives, Kappa Delta Boutique and retail partners, chapter supplies, alumnae services, events and more!

Collegiate Experience

Our members are the heart of all we do. And we have our collegiate experience department to thank for keeping a pulse on our collegiate members. Collegians and advisors know this department for their operational support, crisis management, and leadership development, but our collegiate experience department is so much more! Maintaining the relevance, safety and experience of Kappa Delta membership is their top priority. From developing new and interactive educational trainings and workshops to visiting chapters in person (and virtually!) and advising collegiate officers, CAB and members, the collegiate experience department is there for our members every step of the way.

Chapter Housing

Kappa Delta is a home away from home for thousands of collegians each year! The chapter housing department oversees and manages a number of campus facilities across the nation. While some of our chapter facilities are locally owned, many others fall under Kappa Delta’s own Nautilus Management, Inc., with the guidance and knowledge of our chapter housing staff. They assist local housing volunteers and ensure the safety of members living in the facilities. From sprinkler systems, university guidelines and maintenance to paint colors, floor plans and house rules – they cover it all.


Sisters who want to invest in Kappa Delta can look to the foundation board and staff to help transform their thoughtful gifts into a number of programs and opportunities that build confidence and inspire action in KDs and our communities. Under the direction of the foundation board and committees, the foundation staff raises money, stewards it wisely and serves KD by making grants for scholarships, grants, internships, leadership training, educational opportunities and support of Kappa Delta’s national philanthropies.

Marketing & Communications

When you hear “Kappa Delta”, what comes to your mind? Is it our story, colors, tagline, logo or symbols? Whatever it may be – communications play a huge role! The marketing and communications department at Kappa Delta National Headquarters oversees not only the brand identity, but various types of content you interact with such as the website, blog, The Angelos, email newsletters, social media, videos and so much more.


The finance department is an essential component of the Kappa Delta Sorority and Foundation, as well as our Nautilus Management housing network. Their duties reach far and wide throughout the organization, ensuring that Kappa Delta’s financial resources are properly managed, reported and subject to sound internal controls, and play an important role in assisting chapters with their finances.

Information Technology

From computers to databases to security, and all the technology in between, the information technology department is an all-encompassing, crucial component of Kappa Delta. If you’re interacting with Kappa Delta online, you’re likely working with IT!

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