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Officer Experience Institute

A new officer training experience

Join us Sunday, Feb. 4 from 1-4 p.m. CT

Welcome to the Officer Experience Institute, a new virtual event designed exclusively for Kappa Delta’s newly elected governing council leaders and chapter advisory board members taking place Sunday, Feb. 4 from 1-4 p.m. CT. This engaging leadership experience will provide you with role-specific training, support and resources you can utilize throughout your term, and equip you with essential leadership skills and strategies for success that will extend beyond college. Together, we aim to set you on a path of success, build your confidence as a leader and inspire you to action.

Newly elected officers who have been updated in the Member Portal will be registered automatically and emailed information on how to join the event soon. Be sure to check your Member Portal profile to ensure your information is up to date. Have questions? Reach out to your LDC!

What this experience means for you

  1. National Training with Local Impact: Receive role-specific training from a National Kappa Delta perspective to enhance your leadership skills and the impact you can have on your chapter.
  2. Building Connections: Take part in relationship building and idea sharing among other officers and volunteers. Understand the layers of support available to you throughout your time as an officer and volunteer.
  3. Leadership Education: Equip you with essential leadership skills and strategies for success that extend beyond their term of service.


How to join the Officer Experience Institute

The Officer Experience Institute will be virtual, so you can join us from the comfort of your home! All sessions will be facilitated through Zoom and you will automatically be registered for the event, so check your email for the Zoom link to join. Have questions or need help? Reach out to your LDC!

CAB members and NLT have not been automatically registered, so click here to register today!


The Schedule

1-2 p.m. CT

General Session and keynote presentation from Lindsay Boccardo for all attendees

2:10-3:10 p.m. CT

Officer role-specific training – CAB members are invited to attend this session but are not required.

3:20-4 p.m. CT

Division meeting