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Almost 125 years ago, Kappa Delta’s founders imagined a world where women found support to follow their dreams. They imagined a future where Kappa Delta women would lead with confidence and take action in the world. Unfortunately, pursuing a degree in today’s world comes at great financial cost. More than any other time in our history, your sisters are turning to the Kappa Delta Foundation for scholarship support.

Meet your sisters whose lives have been changed by receiving scholarship support from the Kappa Delta Foundation. IMAGINE a Kappa Delta that provides scholarships to all members who need them.

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Need-Based Scholarship Recipients

Many of our sisters experienced unexpected and extreme financial hardships due to the pandemic. Close to 70% of all college students work a part- or full-time job while enrolled to help with the cost of tuition and living expenses. COVID-19 caused many students to lose their jobs or work fewer hours, all while tuition costs stayed mostly unchanged.


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Kayla Craigmile

Sigma Gamma-Kansas State

When asked how COVID-19 has impacted her college experience, Kayla Craigmile says the pandemic has made her feel isolated, lonely and at times hopeless. Not only was she separated from her close friends and her routine abruptly changed, she found it difficult to stay motivated once classes moved entirely online.

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“Kappa Delta has played a large role in keeping me going and encouraging a positive mindset during my two undergraduate years at Kansas State, but even more so now,” she says. “My KD sisters kept my spirits up by sending letters of encouragement and positivity during this trying time.”

“COVID-19 drastically effected my parent’s business and took away my paid summer internship,” Kayla says. As a result, she was unsure whether she would return to school for the fall semester.

As the recipient of a Kappa Delta Foundation Emergency Hardship Scholarship, Kayla received much needed financial support that ensured her return to K-State. “Paying for college has always been a fear of mine,” she shares. “It has become even more intimidating because of COVID-19. This scholarship is incredibly important to me because it is going to help relieve financial stress my family and I have felt ever since the pandemic began. It will help me focus on my classes and the topics I’m learning about, rather than how I will pay for the classes themselves. It is helping to grant me peace of mind.”

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Stephanie Neu

Eta Chi-Elon

Stephanie Neu describes her first semester at Elon University as lonely until she joined Kappa Delta. Serving her chapter as the vice president-operations, Stephanie has strengthened her leadership skills while growing deep and meaningful relationships with her KD sisters.

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When the coronavirus pandemic abruptly ended in-person instruction at Elon, Stephanie and Eta Chi’s chapter council had to adapt what leading the chapter looked like, too. “Being on council during a pandemic has been challenging and rewarding,” she says. “Leading from a distance requires a whole new set of skills. As a council, we have had to navigate not only how to do business and events away from campus and each other, but also manage conflict, and plan and organize how the fall semester might look.”

As one of the Kappa Delta Foundation Emergency Hardship Scholarship recipients, Stephanie was awarded a $2,019 scholarship that will provide her with tuition support for the 2020-2021 academic year. These scholarships were made possible by generous donors who gave to the foundation’s Giving Tuesday Now campaign this spring.

“Kappa Delta has given me powerful mentors, compassionate friendships, wonderful leaders, and caring sisters,” she says. “I truly believe these relationships and skills have made me into a better student, leader, woman, and member of Kappa Delta.”

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Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Since 1984, the cost of a college education has more than doubled, even when adjusting for inflation. Some members leave Kappa Delta because they cannot afford the time and financial resources to be active and engaged.

Paying for school

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Denise Montes

Beta Rho-San Diego State

Denise Montes is pursuing a degree in social work with a minor in leadership development. She hopes to be a licensed clinical social worker in the area of child welfare services; however, to progress in her field, Denise will need to pursue a master’s degree. To give herself the best chance at attaining her dream, she secured an internship working alongside a social worker as part of the county's emergency response team; however, a requirement of the internship is being able to work for them for 16 hours a week, unpaid.

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“Though I was excited about this amazing internship opportunity, I was also stressed about my financial status for the upcoming year.”

For the past three years, Denise has worked as a paid student assistant through the College of Business at San Diego State. Participating in this new internship opportunity would require her to decrease her work hours significantly to fulfill her internship, school and Kappa Delta obligations.

The Sarah and Melissa Beta Rho Scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation provided the funding Denise needed to feel more secure about participating in an unpaid internship.

Denise will receive necessary, hands-on experience and mentorship that will prepare her for a future career as a social worker because of the financial support provided by this scholarship. The internship will also give her a competitive edge, whether she decides to join the workforce after graduation or go on to graduate school.

“I can truthfully say that joining this amazing organization has been one of the best decisions of my life,” Denise shared. “Kappa Delta has inspired me to be the best me, as well as show other students who are first-generation college students that anything is possible.”

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Ewelina Papiez

Sigma Zeta-Michigan

Although the value of KD membership was clear to Ewelina Papiez, convincing her parents was difficult. They were unfamiliar with the concept of a sorority and were skeptical of the benefits due to the cost and time commitment involved for membership on top of paying for college tuition. Earning the Sigma Zeta Scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation changed that.

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The child of immigrants, Ewelina is a first-generation U.S. citizen. Though knew little about sorority life when Kappa Delta reestablished the chapter at the University of Michigan, she became a founding member and served as the chapter’s Panhellenic Delegate.

“Earning this scholarship has relieved a lot of stress on not only me, but also my family,” she said. “They have worked very hard to give me the life I have today. This scholarship helped them support my membership in Kappa Delta. With my younger sister entering college next year and my dad looking to retire soon, this scholarship has relieved a lot of financial pressure.”

“The opportunities that Kappa Delta has given me have actually helped me receive an internship from a major company this summer,” she continued. “As a freshman, I could not be more grateful for my sisterhood because they all support me in this achievement. I cannot wait to continue experiencing and giving back this support for the rest of my life as a Kappa Delta.”

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Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Alumnae seeking scholarship support for graduate work often do so to advance their careers. While some graduate programs provide tuition assistance in the form of paid fellowships and assistantships, such funding is often limited and is not available in all degree programs.

Higher education

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Natalie Kincy Ferand

Zeta Alpha-Texas Tech

Natalie Kincy Ferand recently completed a PhD in Agricultural Education and has joined the faculty at Virginia Tech University as an assistant professor of Career and Technical Education. She hopes to educate future generations of agricultural education teachers. Although she was fortunate enough to receive a teaching assistantship from her program to alleviate the cost of tuition, there were many other costs associated with pursuing her degree that the assistantship did not provide. Natalie has cover those costs on her own.

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“My program was only offered at a few schools. I had to move in order to attend school, which also meant I had to pay out-of-state fees,” she said. “It was difficult to maintain my household in addition to paying for items such as books, university fees, parking passes, school supplies and materials, as well as health insurance. At one time, I was earning enough to cover just my household bills.”

Receiving a scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation meant Natalie would not have to pay anything out of pocket for an entire year.

“Graduate school was extremely demanding. This scholarship kept me from taking out a loan or working an extra job. No matter where I go, I am embraced and continually lifted up by my Kappa Delta sisters. There is nothing sweeter than KD.”

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Kelly Dutertre

Eta Iota-Pace

Choosing to attend a private university for her degree rather than a state school, however, was a difficult decision for Kelly Dutertre. “The costs are slightly higher even after factoring in financial aid but being at Pace has allowed me to be a part of Greek life and join Kappa Delta,” she says.

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When she thinks back on her time as a Kappa Delta collegian, Kelly thinks about how KD gave her a community where she could be herself. Since that time, “I have grown to be a role model for other sisters,” she says. “Seeing myself grow as a person within our sisterhood is the best gift Kappa Delta could have given me.”

Studying to complete a combined degree, Kelly will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in public accounting and a master’s degree in taxation. From there, she hopes to sit for the CPA exam and work for a public accounting firm in the future. “I love helping people and creating solutions,” she says. “Being an accountant allows me to do so in different ways.”

“I am one of three girls in my family and we had to navigate going to college in the states,” Kelly shares. “My parents were not able to set aside money for any of us for college. I’ve been taking out student loans to make things work.”

Receiving the Jodi Scheurenbrand Scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation meant that Kelly would take out fewer loans to complete her education.

“This scholarship helps relieve some of the burden of my student loans when I graduate, which I will be forever thankful for.”

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Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award Scholarship Recipients

Although more educational opportunities are available to women, leadership positions are still held predominantly by men. Despite women outnumbering men on college campuses since 1988, their presence in top leadership positions — as equity law partners, medical school deans and corporate executive officers, for example — remains between 5 and 20%.


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Emily Madle

Gamma Beta-North Texas

Emily Madle has served her chapter as vice president-standards and president. Her leadership skills have shaped the future of her chapter. Yet, at one time her membership in Kappa Delta hung in the balance because of her financial need.

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“I have been financially independent from my parents since my freshman year,” she shared. “I pay for all my dues, rent and tuition on my own. It is not easy. And now that I am in my second to last semester, my course load is harder than it has ever been.”

While Emily takes 15 hours of course work each semester, she also works 25 hours a week as the lead student assistant in the Dean of Students office and is involved on campus and volunteers in her local community. As an undergraduate pursuing a degree in kinesiology with a physical education teacher certificate, Emily must take extra education classes to fulfill her degree requirements.

Emily also will have to student teach full time without pay.

“I pay for school from financial aid and loans,” she said. “However, since I will be student teaching, I cannot have a second job and my loans aren’t going to cover all of my tuition.”

Before learning she was the recipient of a Kappa Delta scholarship, Emily worried she wouldn’t be able to return to school for financial reasons. She considered dropping out to work and save money to finish school. That would mean dropping out of Kappa Delta, too.

Earning a Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award meant Emily could graduate on time and serve her chapter as president.

“This scholarship is absolutely critical to my success because I might not be graduating without it. I can continue to work the same hours at the Dean’s office and focus on my studies knowing I don’t need a second job to pay for everyday items. Now, I have paid for the classes I need to graduate, all thanks to the Kappa Delta Foundation.”

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Amanda Meyer

Eta Beta-Bradley

Amanda Meyer is an accounting major and will graduate with both a bachelor’s and master’s of science in accounting. Her goal is to earn her CPA license soon after graduation. One day she wants to use her accounting skills with an organization that focuses on minimizing the effects and breaking the cycle of poverty in low-income communities.

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Amanda has taken advantage of the opportunities KD has offered to develop her leadership skills. This led her to serve as VP-finance and VP-standards for her chapter. She also served as the Director of Finance for Bradley’s Panhellenic Council.

In recognition of her leadership, Amanda earned a Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award, which includes a scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation.

“This scholarship has greatly relieved financial stress for me,” she says. “It will directly offset my upfront costs of school, allowing savings from summer internships to last throughout the school year. I am confident it will have a direct positive correlation with my academic success and my ability to stay highly involved on campus, and specifically in Kappa Delta, throughout my senior year.”

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