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Why Fit in When You Can Stand Out? Confidence, Action and Self-Love


When I first set foot on campus as a freshman, I had one goal: I wanted to fit in and find friends. Four years later, I found my friends, but I’m hardly “fitting in.” Kappa Delta taught me to stand out versus trying to blend in. Four years ago, I couldn’t fathom the impact Kappa Delta would have on my life. My chapter gave me the voice I needed to succeed. I am a leader today because of Kappa Delta.

As Kappa Deltas, I believe it is crucial for us to understand what building confidence and inspiring action truly means before we can encourage others around us to do so. When the time came for officer elections, my sisters encouraged me to get involved. I hadn’t considered running for office, but because my sisters believed in me, my perspective changed. This is a perfect example of building confidence and inspiring action. My sisters built my confidence, so I took action to lead our chapter.

After first serving as creative director, my chapter chose me for vice president-public relations. This position allowed me to have a positive influence on my chapter and create a legacy.

As VP-PR, I wanted to spread the Kappa Delta message of building confidence and inspiring action across Northern Kentucky University. With that in mind, I started an annual event on campus: Self-Love Week. I had noticed many of my sisters were struggling with self-worth. My hope was that Self-Love Week would allow my peers and sisters to focus on themselves internally and discover their value. I wanted to see my entire campus express what makes them feel confident.

Being Eta Eta’s VP-PR was such a rewarding position. Self-Love Week was one of my favorite contributions to the chapter and our campus. I put in hard work and got great results. The best part, however, was seeing myself grow as a person and watching my sisters grow as well.

Now, I serve as chapter president. I work to show our younger members their potential and demonstrate what building confidence and inspiring action looks like. Without the support of my sisters, I would not be where I am today, and I’d still be afraid to stand out. My leadership positions in Kappa Delta shaped me as an individual, a sister and a friend.

Corrine Carnohan

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