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“When I Grow Up” – KD Senior Shannon Discusses Professional Development


As a senior on your college campus, finding your classes, asking your professor for help, studying for midterms and pulling your weight in group projects has likely become second nature to you. You have been a student for nearly two decades! Can you believe it? With college coming to an end, you will soon experience life outside of academia for the first time. No longer will you be a student, but instead a young professional. It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed.

Don’t worry! Kappa Delta is here to build your confidence. The newly released Kappa Delta Senior Experience covers many topics of special interest to members during their last year in school. In September, seniors learned tips to build lasting relationships with each other and explored ways to make new friends outside of college. This month, they are participating in the Professional Development Senior Circle, which helps them build skills in their next phase of life.

We chatted with Shannon Tierney, a senior member of the opens in a new windowAlpha Delta Chapter at Rhodes College, about how Kappa Delta’s Senior Experience has helped her prepare for the professional world.

Kappa Delta HQ: Hi, Shannon! Thank you for your willingness to share your experience. Would you mind telling us what you’re studying in school?

Shannon Tierney: I’m double-majoring in political science and international studies.

KDHQ: That’s an impressive course of study! I’m sure your time in college has been busy with balancing classes, homework, campus activities and sorority life. And now you’re helping to plan the chapter’s Senior Experience. What has stood out to you about the program thus far?

ST: I’m happy to be given the opportunity to tailor the workshops to my chapter’s specific interests and needs, while also answering the questions we have about what follows graduation. It has been enjoyable to facilitate.

KDHQ: Why do you think the Senior Experience is important for members of Kappa Delta preparing to graduate?

ST: The Senior Experience continues to foster a sense of community within the chapter as we all prepare for the next stage of life together. We need to know that we can confide in and rely on each other. It’s reassuring to know that you aren’t alone when you’re feeling a sense of dread, anxiety or excitement about the future.

KDHQ: What was your favorite part of the Professional Development Circle?

ST: Alpha Delta has roughly 125 members. Since our chapter is on the smaller side, we tailored the circle to meet our needs, choosing two of the four stations available.. Since I’m planning on taking a gap year before going to law school, the resume-building portion was really helpful for me. We covered how to modify your resume for both jobs and grad schools, which is a task many of us are facing. We really appreciated the advice.

KDHQ: Was there any other part of the Professional Development Circle you enjoyed?

ST: We did an icebreaker before starting the activities. It was so much fun! The seniors all shared what they wanted to be when they were in elementary school and how that has changed since choosing a career path. I got to see the values my sisters had as children turn into their aspirations for the future!

Kappa Delta’s Senior Experience includes six Senior Circles on relevant topics. The Professional Development Circle allows chapters to choose from topics that appeal to their members, such as resume writing, interview role play, email etiquette and tips to sell your KD experience in the working world. The circles also have facilitated discussions that allow participants to share their dreams and aspirations as well as what intimidates them about life after college. It’s meant to build confidence in members and stronger connections among the senior class. Watch for information on the next Senior Circle, “Confidence in Leadership,” in November.

To learn more about the Kappa Delta Senior Experience, click here.