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What I’ve Learned About Leadership During COVID-19


When I first started my year as a leadership development consultant, I was so excited to visit new places and meet amazing sisters. However, I was most excited about the opportunity to develop leadership skills in KD sisters across the country and build my own leadership skills along the way. Even though campuses closed early and I, along with the other the LDCs, came off the road to stay safe during COVID-19, we can continue to build our leadership skills and grow as individuals and as a team.

Recently, I conducted a series of virtual visits where I met with council officers and chapter advisory board members through Zoom. I went into these visits thinking I would be there as a resource to reassure the chapter leaders and provide them with ideas and support. While that definitely held true, I mostly found that I was learning so much from their hard work and dedication. I saw council officers reassure one another and advisors provide personal support. I heard about their struggles but also their wins, and through all this I learned so much about what Kappa Deltas can do when the going gets tough.

Leadership is a skill that translates whether you are in person or leading virtually. To me, leadership means putting in the long hours, listening to the people you serve, and adapting to any and every situation you’re confronted with. Throughout my time on the road, I consistently have been impressed with the leadership our chapters demonstrate, but during these uncertain times, I have seen such incredible collaboration, support and grit from our members. This strength has inspired me and has taught me to stay positive and keep moving forward no matter how hard the situation may seem.

Our class of LDCs has grown so close throughout the year, and during these times, I’ve found myself leaning on these amazing women for support and guidance. This week, we will wrap up our LDC journeys separately and safely at home, instead of at KDHQ with one another. Please know that you are not alone in embracing these changes and challenges. Just like so many of you, we are learning to embrace change and challenges and navigate this new normal the best we can.

One thing I know for certain is that I am lucky to have my LDC sisters, the amazing staff at HQ and the amazing sisters I’ve met on the road. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to do my part to lead Kappa Delta during these challenging times.

Caroline Azem

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For resources to lead your chapter during this time, check out the opens in a new windowRemote Engagement Toolkit.