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What Are You Doing on Oct. 23?


A chilly rain spattered against the windowpanes of the little dormitory room on Professional Hall, the dormitory floor where most of the seniors lived. Saturday meant no classes, and the dreary weather that hung over Farmville was a perfect excuse for the four friends to tuck themselves away in that cozy spot and talk for hours …. It was that afternoon that Kappa Delta was born — October 23, 1897 — at the State Female Normal School in Farmville, Virginia. 

(Ordinary Miracles: 100 Years of Kappa Delta Sorority)

What if the weather had been clear on Oct. 23 all those years ago? Would Kappa Delta’s founders have chosen to leave their cozy dormitory to spend time on other activities? Perhaps Sara would have joined her friends in the bicycle club to take a lap around campus. Or Julia may have headed to the tennis courts to practice for her next match. Would they have created Kappa Delta another day, or not at all?

The moral of the story: What we choose to do with our time matters.

What are your plans for Oct. 23? Here are some ideas to celebrate Kappa Delta’s Founders Day.

  1. Find out what an alumnae chapter in your area has planned. Founders Day is the perfect opportunity to reach out and get involved.
  2. Spend time reflecting on Kappa Delta’s Ritual. Those beautiful words woven into our Ritual by our founders so many years ago remain relevant for our lives today.
  3. Connect with KD sisters. Make that call. Send a card. Plan a time to meet.
  4. Wear your KD badge. When people notice, use the opportunity to share your love of our sisterhood.
  5. Make plans to visit the Kappa Delta museum at National Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. You will be amazed by the artifacts dating back to our founding — the Alpha Trunk with chapter minutes from some of the first meetings, our official charter from 1902, even one of Sara’s dresses.

Be sure to follow Kappa Delta on social media to participate in more fun Founders Day activities.