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Volunteer Spotlight: Emmie Ashwell

Kappa Delta volunteers are our foundation. They give their time, energy and expertise to keep Kappa Delta moving forward, and our organization would not be the same without them. Every month on the Emerald Edit, we’ll highlight one of our many incredible volunteers to showcase the impact they have on our members. 

Emmie Ashwell (Alpha Alpha-Michigan State) wears two hats as the local house corporation president and CAB-collegiate facilities for Alpha Alpha-Michigan State. Every week, she puts at least five hours into her roles, tackling anything and everything related to housing. She says, “We do all that we can to support our members and residents to enrich their KD experience related to the facility.” 

We caught up with Emmie to hear why she volunteers with Kappa Delta and what it means to her! 

What inspired you to volunteer for Kappa Delta? Frankly, I did not seek out to be on house corporation. The board at the time needed help with billing, and I volunteered to support until they found someone more permanent. Five years later, I am house corp president and serve alongside two other brilliant women. What has inspired me to remain on the board and become more involved? I love seeing the impact of our commitment to constantly improve our home. I love meeting the brilliant young women that make our house their home, and I love hearing about the impact that this very special place has on their lives.   

What do you get out of your time volunteering? I love being a Kappa Delta and being on chapter advisory board (CAB) and HC has made me feel a deeper connection to my sisters, the university and has overall enriched my previous college experience on a far deeper level. I want to give our chapter members the same experience I had, so future sisters will always remember this time in their life with great fondness and love for Kappa Delta! I have become a better listener, a better manager to those we employ, and I better understand the importance of asking for help when it is needed. Not to mention, I connect with young women daily, who teach me how to be a better leader year after year. 

What advice do you have for other Kappa Deltas who are interested in volunteering? Do not be afraid of what you do not know. You can do hard things, and there is always a sister to pick you up if you fall.   


Interested in volunteering with KD?  

There are so many opportunities to share your time and talent. From working with a local collegiate chapter on a chapter advisory board or house corporation board to serving on a foundation committee like the scholarship review committee, we are grateful for the thousands of alumnae who give back to KD. Join us!

Visit kappadelta.org/volunteer to browse opportunities and learn about next steps.    

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